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My Last Minute Preps for TEOTWAWKI

If the end is near, its time to make sure your preps are up to date. Check your plans, inventory your gear, and coordinate with your prepper pals.
The track up the mountain in the snow and fog

Conducting a Shoe-Leather Recon of Your Retreat Area

How well do you know the area around your retreat or your home. Don't count on a car ride or a Google Earth map. Get out there and see it first hand.
A hidden forest cabin

The Ugly Truth About Prepping

It's one thing to prep for a hurricane, an earthquake, or high inflation. Preparing for a potentially cataclysmic disaster takes it to another level.
An outhouse

Planning for Life After the SHTF – Part 2

Prepeprs focus on food, water and shelter, but do you have your sewage needs covered? Do you know where your firewood will come from post-SHTF?
Hunter with shotgun

Planning for Life After the SHTF – Part 1

It's good to stockpile and prep, but it is also imporant to plan and think things out. When the SHTF, the time for toughtful decisions has passed.
Used merchandise at a flea market. Photo by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash.

Potential Underground Jobs and Opportunities after the SHTF

What will you do when the financial system collapses, the banks close, the stock market shuts down, and businesses close?
Defensive shooting positions

How to Prepare for the Destruction of our Economy and the...

How do you prepare for the coming collapse of our society? What do we need besides food, water and shelter?