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You think your bills are high now? Just wait for inflation to kick back in.

What Happens to Debt after the SHTF?

We explore what happens do your debt when the financial system collapses, the government defaults, or we have a SHTF event?
Printed stock certificates are rarely issued any more.

What Happens to Intangible Assets when the SHTF?

If the grid goes down, the cloud disappears, and the SHTF, what happens to your money, investments and debts?
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The Art of Saying “No” to the Unprepared

After the SHTF, preppers should expect to be approached by the unprepared who want to mooch off them. Here's how to say "no!"
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Walking Home after the SHTF

Preppers often talk about bugging out, but we rarely talk about getting home if you are away when a disaster strikes. Here's a scenario.
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Setting up Autarkic Societies after the SHTF

We should look at history when it comes to setting up self-sufficient social units and communities after the SHTF.
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When the SHTF, it will be Worse that you Expect

When the SHTF its going to be uglier than we expect, and there will be no one left to send air or help pick up the pieces.
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Electronics are Points of Failure for Preppers

Store all the batteries and solar panels you want,; it doesn't matter. One day post-SHTF, all your electronic devices are going to fail.
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My Last Minute Preps for TEOTWAWKI

If the end is near, its time to make sure your preps are up to date. Check your plans, inventory your gear, and coordinate with your prepper pals.
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Conducting a Shoe-Leather Recon of Your Retreat Area

How well do you know the area around your retreat or your home. Don't count on a car ride or a Google Earth map. Get out there and see it first hand.
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The Ugly Truth About Prepping

It's one thing to prep for a hurricane, an earthquake, or high inflation. Preparing for a potentially cataclysmic disaster takes it to another level.