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USS Ronald Reagan and USS Abraham Lincoln in the Philippine Sea in June.

How to Prepare for War with China

War is terrible. It is costly, both in lives and treasure. But war can bring out the best in Americans. It can bring us together. But at what cost?
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Five Possible Chinese Military Responses if Pelosi Visits Taiwan

This could result in huge economic and commercial disruptions as the relationship between the U.S. and China could go from tense to warlike.
Taipei City, Taiwan

We can all Blame Nancy and Joe if China Attacks

An appropriate response to Chinese threats to shoot down Pelosi's plane would be to say we would treat that as a declaration of war.
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China ‘Carefully’ Studying Ukraine War As It Eyes Taiwan

China is closely studying Russian's invasion of Ukraine and is likely adjusting its long-term plans for gaining control of Taiwan accordingly.
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Prepper News Update December 10

More Details on Follow-Home Robberies in California This article from The Wrap provides more details on California follow-home robbers, which we covered last week. Three Potential...
the mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay .

How Preppers can Prepare for a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan

The danger of China invading Taiwan is increasing, and I don't think it will be a small, limited affair. Here's how to prepare for what might be World War III.

Prepper News Update for October 11

File Under “Don’t Say we Didn’t Warn You” In this article on the new energy crisis, the Washington Post points out that some power plants...
A U.S. F35 stealth fighter.

China Threats Toward Taiwan Hit New Heights

China has Taiwan on its mind and in its sights. it's not a question of if they will invade, but when and how high a price they are willing to pay.
A submarine at sea. Image by David Mark from Pixabay.

Why the Submarine Deal is a Game Changer in Pacific

Australia takes an important step to remind China that it is will not lie down and be bullied as naval power in the Pacific rises to prominence again.

Prepper News Update July 30

Vaccines Less Effective Over Time The FDA has found that the effectiveness of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine drops by about 19 percent to 84 percent over...