They are not Laughing at us Anymore

Zombie Apocolypse
The hardest thing about the zombie apocalypse will be pretending I'm not excited

I could not help but enjoy this article from the Associated Press that people who used to laugh at their prepper friends are now coming to them for advice. 

I have an old T-shirt from Ranger Up (see image above) that has a very heavily armed dude on the front. On the back it reads: The hardest thing about the zombie apocalypse will be pretending I’m not excited.

I won’t go so far as to say I’m  excited that we’re experiencing just a taste of an end of the world as we know it scenario, but I can’t help but feel a bit vindicated!

Hey, it could be Worse

As I commented over at on March 12, things could be worse.  We expect the power to stay on, and that’s really a HUGE difference between a pandemic that kills people versus a nuclear war, a large asteroid impact, the Yellowstone Caldera blowing sky high, or another massive world-changing disaster.  When the disease is over – and no one doubts that it will end – then we’ll get on with our lives and we’ll still have all the benefits of modern society.   It may take a few months to restart everything, to get the just-in-time supply chain functioning again and refill the empty store shelves with electronics and clothing from China, but we’ll have the technology, the infrastructure, and the know-how. 

Many of us have prepped to grow our own foods, tan our own leather, harvest our own firewood for heat, and be as self-reliant as possible.  Sure, we stock supplies, but we also have the tools and hopefully the knowledge to provide for our own needs.  For example, I know preppers who own a forge and have blacksmithing skills, or who make black powder and cast their own lead balls for when their modern cartridges run out.  I doubt we’ll need these preps this time around, and we should be thankful.

In the meantime, it sure feels good to have all that food, medical supplies, and paper products in our cache.