Day 27 of Quarantine and Counting

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It’s been four weeks, but we’ve got plenty of food left.  I’ve restocked eggs, chocolate, pretzels tortilla chips and sparkling water, which this experience has taught me are apparently all we really need to be happy.  Well, perhaps, I should add bacon.  Thanks to careful rationing, we have eaten only four pounds and I have eight pounds left in the freezer.  We have not eaten any Spam, but I’m on my third loaf of homemade bread and this one turned out perfectly!

Speaking of food, our Amazon Pantry order came today, two days early.  I checked their website last night, and it said delivery was scheduled for Saturday.  This morning we got a text from the driver saying they left our Amazon delivery at the gate, which we keep locked unless we are expecting a delivery.  My wife says she’ll run out to get it, but I tell her that I should probably go.  Why? Because we got two cases of flavored sparkling water, and they’re pretty heavy to lug back up the driveway. We both go.  I grab the big box.  She grabs the small one.  “This one is pretty light!” she says, rubbing it in.  “Good, you can close the gate and then hold the door back at the house,” I tell her.  She does.

It contained an eclectic selection of things like Thousand Island dressing, green olives, a can of soup and a can of corned beef hash. (I had to get a variety of items because I wanted to meet the $35 minimum for free shipping and they limited me to one can each).  All the cans bounced around and battered the crackers, which was kind of sloppy packaging on Amazon’s part.  I mean, if you can wrap the glass jar of olives in a bubble wrap cocoon, why not the box of crackers?  Now all they are good for is pouring in soup, breading something or going on top of a casserole.

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Having some time to fill, I’ve started a Twitter account @pickledprepper, so please follow us.  I forgot how quickly and deeply social media sucks you in. I am spending a couple hours a day reading and creating tweets.  No way that can last after quarantine ends, but it’s OK for now.   I am also impressed with people who are not famous yet have thousands of followers. Whew! That’s a lot of work.

Reading tweets drives home a couple points: First, there are some creative and funny people out there.  Second, there are some stupid folks out there and it seems like their friends know it so they keep a camera rolling.  Third, these two categories sometimes overlap.