Coronavirus Report July 22


Coronavirus cases in the U.S. increased by 65,500 over the past 24 hours, to 3,910,300 people.  This is a jump of 1.7 percent.  Deaths increased by 1,127, which is the first jump of more than 1,000 since May.  However, considering that only 504 were reported yesterday, this may just reflect the standard weekend reporting lag and is nothing to be too concerned about.  I’ll be convinced it is a trend only if we see three days this week over 1,000 (which is certainly possible).

Meanwhile global cases continued to grow with 240,000 overnight, a 1.6 percent rate of growth.  The total number of cases, currently at 14.976 million, will surpass the 15 million threshold later today.  Deaths climbed to 617,297.

We are closing on our new prepper property later this week, so things are busy and we may skip some posts.  Have a good weekend, everyone.  Stay safe and stay cool.