Coronavirus Report July 30: World Tops 17 Million Cases


There are more than 17 million cases of confirmed Coronavirus cases globally, 17.061 million to be exact.  This has resulted in 667,808 deaths.

In the U.S., the newest milestone is that we have passed 150,000 deaths, thanks to an increase of 1,420 since yesterday.  Both Florida and Texas reported a record number of deaths.  There were 68,460 new cases of COVID-19 in reported yesterday in the U.S., which now has a total of 4,435,300 cases.

But it’s the economy that took a hit in the second quarter, as GDP was down by almost a third, 32.9%, the biggest hit ever.  That means a third of the country’s production or output (work, if you will) did not occur over the April through June period because of COVID-19. 

Will this number recover?  Some, yes, but it may be months or at least several quarters before the U.S. can dig itself out of this hole.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.