Prepper Diary August 6: Good News

Ford F150
Ford F150

My daughter texted me a picture of her boyfriend’s new Ford F150, and I was thinking, “Wow, about time he got a real vehicle.”  Then she told me it was a rental because a drunk driver plowed into his parked Honda Civic.  That’s a downside of 1) living in a city and 2) parking on the street.  He’s planning to get another Civic, but I’m hoping that driving the truck may rub off on him and change his mind.

We can always use another pickup truck in the family.  And then she can stop borrowing mine whenever she wants to move something.

I guess I can’t really blame them.  I lived in the city and parked on the street after I got out of college.  And my car was broken into at least two or three times.  I learned.  They will too.

Grandparenthood Awaits

My older daughter had their baby reveal.  Several couples met at a friends’ house who has a shooting range out back. Unbeknownst to him, they gave her fiancé a special target that blew up in a cloud of pink smoke.  Looks like they are having a girl.  (I told her it runs in the family.)  So I should be a grandfather sometime in January.  We’re kind of excited about that.

They were supposed to have gotten married this spring but the coronavirus pushed their plans off a year.  We’re hoping they’ll go to a justice of the peace and then do the church wedding next year.  We’ll see.  We’re just happy that he is a good guy and an Army vet.  Oh, and he drives a truck.

The Move

Meanwhile, the packing continues as we have to move all our preps to the new place, and many of those items are thing that you 1) don’t want the movers to know about or 2) the movers won’t take because they are considered hazardous.  (This includes gun powder, primer, ammo, etc.)

We’ve filled most of our empty boxes and had to order more online.  My big fear is that we end up having an emergency and I’m here in the old house while all our prepping stuff is up there in the new house.   I’m trying to play it safe and leave a few things here.  Our bug out bags, of course, but also some food, some guns, and some ammo. 

I’ll be heading out on Thursday with a loaded truck and a list of chores.  Leaving the wife home to hold down the fort.

We are not due to go back to the new house until the new cabinets we ordered come in.  We will install these in the laundry room.  We’re taking advantage of this delay to order a number of other needed items.  We’ve ordered an inexpensive platform bed and Mattress in a Box online.  They will be delivered here and then we’ll tote them up there.  The hope is that this will be more comfortable than the inflatable mattress we have on the floor.  This should hold us over until we sell our house and move everything up there.

I’m also planning to build some shelving, add additional bars to some of the closets so we can hang more clothes.  I also want to put up some peg board in the garage over the tool bench.  I’d prefer to source the wood up there.  I’ve seen the lumber yard; we’ll just have to stop by one day.

Every Day Preps

My wife continues to garden and bake quite a bit.  She has made both raspberry jam and peach preserves lately.

We picked up some firewood on Sunday.  Now we just need to transport it to the new house.  It’s not a very efficient method, hauling wood hundreds of miles, but the person we got it from thought they we redoing us a favor.  And we do need wood.  Now I just have to find a few pallets on which I can stack it.  This raises the same question: Where can I find pallets in a community where I don’t yet have any relationships or know who has spare pallets?  I’ll ask around.  Time is running short and we have very little seasoned wood on hand.  I’m going to have to buy some this fall.  I’m thinking at least three full cords for starters and plan on burning up to six per season.