When The News is Propaganda and What to do About it


So far, post-election election violence has been no worse than pre-election violence.  Or has it? 

There have been large protests In New York, and I’ve seen the footage on Twitter from other cities, but the national media is largely ignoring it.  With the exception of some coverage of a New York woman spitting in the face of a NYPD officer, there’s been little or no coverage. 

There are active or planned protests in Detroit, Los Angles, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Portland, Phoenix, Washington, D.C., and other cities.  But if a protest takes place and doesn’t get any news coverage, did it even happen?

The post-election violence has been rioting, not civil war, but the worst may be yet to come.  As I write this, final results are not it, but it looks like Biden’s chances of winning the election exceed those of Trump.  We may be in this holding pattern for a few more days, possibly longer.  So we may be in a tense, wait-and-see period that will last until a winner is declared.

Media Gatekeepers

The media tightly controls the message, publicizing some stories while sweeping others under the rug.  To be an informed prepper, you need to look beyond the bright shiny propaganda they spoon feed you and look for things hidden in the shadows.  You have to be able to draw your own conclusions about what is happening now (or any time), why it is happening, what it means for the future, and what, if anything, you should do as a result. 

As concerned citizens, we need to rely on multiple news sources, that means reading more than your social media news feed.  Social media is designed to feed you what you like, and it reinforces your prejudices by showing you views that coincide with your own.  If you believe the earth is flat and most of your online friends agree, than Facebook, YouTube and the other algorithm-driven web sites are going to shows you news and video that support your flat-earth theory.  You need to break out of that cycle and see some objective news.

If you watch gun videos on YouTube, you’ll find them suggesting other videos on guns.  If you watch some prepper videos, YouTube will suggest prepper videos.  Branch out.  Search for topics you don’t always fine.  Keep YouTube and Facebook guessing.

One way to see how distorted your view has become is to open a private window, fire up a VPN so your IP address is obscured, and go to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and see how different things look.  You might find a whole new world out there.

Uncover Hidden Stories

I find Twitter is the best source for news spread by people who are not journalists or bloggers trying to make news but just happen to be at the right place at the right time.  It is often a source for real-time news and video footage as or immediately after something has happened.  Just search for a topic.  For example, put in #protest and then select the latest tab to see the most recent tweets related to protests.  I did this and I saw this footage, something that is unlikely to appear on cable or major news sites:

A surprising way to get more objective news coverage is to read foreign newspapers online.  The Daily Mail from the UK often gives more detailed coverage and provides far more photos to major U.S. stories than our “papers of record.” When watching news from China or Russia, like RT, consider the source and take it with a grain of salt.

Look also for contrarian publications and people who have opinions that are the opposite of what everyone else is saying. ZeroHedge.com is a good place to find these articles.  The business press in general tends to be more honest and less political than the traditional press because they report on markets, not personalities.

There are lots pf place out there that host open discussions, like Reddit and 4chan.  Some web sites have active comment sections.  These can be news sources also, but anonymity can lead to false stories. You need to have a good nose to sniff out the BS and a strong constitution to ignore the trolls.  Still, sometimes some real gold is hidden among the fool’s gold.

Think for Yourself

Most of us became preppers because we know the government can’t protect us.  Apply the same discretion in other areas of your life, including how you obtain your news. That means looking beyond the traditional news media and their propaganda.

And when it comes to post-election violence?  Do your own research and don’t assume everything will be OK.  After all, we are preppers; we prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


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