Transitory Hyperinflation is Here and More Bad News

Road Trip
Heading down the mountain to revisit society.

I am on the road today, and after spending seven hours in the truck, I don’t think I have an original essay in me and I really need to get some sleep. So, instead I am giving links to important stories and adding a few comments.


The Bank of America’s new Inflation Meter is pointing to transitory hyperinflation, according to this article in ZeroHedge.  I have been writing about inflation or months, but this was still a “WTF” moment for me.  If we have already moved from inflation into hyperinflation, transitory or not, things are pretty bad.  Read their article and if it freaks you out a little, read these recent posts of ours:

The Great Western Water Shortage

We’ve covered the drought before, but no one has boldly stated that Las Vegas is going to soon run out of water until this article on CNN.  If you think COVID-19 hammered sin city, then wait to see what happens when you have to truck in water.  My advice to anyone owning land there: Capitalize on the greater sucker theory and sell while there is still some sucker out there to buy your place.  Then move near the Mississippi or Ohio rivers which are in far better shape than the Colorado.

By the way I think we should stop calling it a drought and call it the Great Western Water Shortage.  That might wake people up to the severity of this problem.

Shortages Explained

YouTube recommended the video below to me, and for once, their algorithm was right about me.  I thought it was an excellent video on what is wrong with our supply chain. 

Stocking Up

As frequent readers know, I live far away from just about every big box store. I am planning to go to Costco, Harbor Freight, Home Depot, and maybe Tractor Supply while I am on the road. I don’t have an ice chest so I won’t be getting meat or other fresh food, by I will be stocking up on pantry items and consumables.

I’ll report back on what I see from a pricing standpoint.