Prepper News Update July 5


The Problem With Carrying Guns in An Anti-Gun State

This story about cops closing I-95 because of 11 armed men has been all over the news over the last couple days, but if you look beyond the headline, it has several lessons for preppers: One, be discrete; don’t stand on the highway in a rabidly anti-gun state like Massachusetts with visible rifles and shotguns. Two, if you need to refuel your vehicle, going to a gas station and using a pump will attract far less attention than doing it on the side of the road. If you must refuel from gas cans, take an exit and do so in a location that is less likely to attract attention than the side of an interstate highway. Three, don’t live in and avoid traveling through anti-gun states like Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, and California. Four, when traveling between states, even states that recognize your concealed carry permit, follow Federal laws about transporting long guns between states.

Vaccine Passports Required to Dine Out in Moscow, Parts of Europe

As cases of COVID-19 start to rise again, Moscow is one city that requires people to show a “vaccine passport,” or proof of vaccination with a QR code before they can enter a bar or restaurant. Russian currently has about twice as many daily cases as the U.S.

Elsa Drops Back to Tropical Storm Status with 60 MPH Winds

After achieving hurricane status with winds of about 80 MPH, Elsa has dropped back to tropical storm force winds of 60 MPH as she heads across Cuba. The storm’s path is expected to take it up the West coast of Florida on Tuesday and then head inland north of Tampa bay, cutting across Florida, through South Eastern Georgia and into the Eastern part of the Carolinas by the end of the week.