It is Difficult to Watch it all Implode


As the whole Afghanistan withdrawal disaster unfolds, it is becoming clearer and clearer that he is not only in over his head, but that his advisors are in over their heads as well. I think we all knew that Joe was past his prime and little more than a figurehead, but now we know he is a figurehead for a bunch of nincompoops (I’m being polite here—substitute a harsher word if you wish). We, and the rest of the world, are having the privilege of seeing on live TV a presidential administration collapse as Biden and his staff fail their trial by fire.

Hey Biden advisors: Your participation trophies are no good here. We need a winning strategy and you guys are proving to be losers. Learning on the job is not acceptable. You have not only offended and alienated more of the country than voted for you, plus every veteran who fought or died over there, but you’ve offended our closest allies. Worse yet, you have given our enemies a glimpse of how bad things are in the White House. You can’t even yell “Ignore the man behind the curtain!” because there is no man behind the curtain. There is just an empty chair.

Press Conferences Are His Downfall

The poor man needs to go back to his bunker because each press conference is worse than the last.

How can his government persist when you have video of a president saying “the Taliban won’t take over” next to video of the Taliban taking over? Just how often do you see the president saying “No one is being killed over there” which was not only a lie at the time, but leads to 150 deaths, 13 of them Americans? How does it look when the withdrawal you say will save lives and it spawns the deadliest day for American troops since 2012? No wonder Biden hangs his head and looks like he is about to cry. He and his administration, are on shaky ground and he knows it.

Even his excuse sucks. He says it is Trump’s fault, but in the same breath, he reminds us that Trump negotiated a deal with the Taliban that resulted in no American deaths for more than a year. Maybe someone on Biden’s team should have read The Art of the Deal.

The episode makes it clear that the difference between Trump and Biden is that Trump threatened to do crazy stuff but held off while Biden does the exact opposite.

I Feel Sorry for the Democrats

Not only has Joe Biden been wrong about just about everything during his first eight months in office (rising inflation, resurgent COVID-19, the border crisis, and now Afghanistan), he’s floundering and unable to recover. It’s like watching a drowning man and wondering how much longer he’ll be able to keep his head up. And instead of throwing him a rope, Democrats are standing on the sidelines afraid that he’ll drag them under with him.

They are thinking of the midterm election and treating the Afghanistan policy like it’s radioactive. A few of them are treating Biden like he’s radioactive. If this gets worse after the August first deadline, if more people die, if we have hostages and beheadings after the Americans pull out, then expect Biden to be thrown under the bus by everyone up for election in 2022.

Bush may have gotten America into Afghanistan, and Obama may have kept us there, but Biden is going to be remembered as the guy who screwed it up. He’s going to be the president who blew it, who took an unpopular war and made it worse. The Democrats are going to end up owning this disaster like they owned Jimmy Carter’s Iranian Hostage Crisis. We can only hope there is a candidate like Reagan waiting in the wings.

I feel Sorry for the Country

Worse yet, the Democrats don’t have a deep bench. Who is in line for the presidency if Biden steps down or is removed from office? Kamala Harris, perhaps the worst presidential candidate in recent memory and an incompetent vice president who has nothing to show for her time in office except a muddled press conference, mixed messages, and multiple stories about infighting and acrimony among her staff. I feel sorry for our country if she becomes president. Scratch that—I fear for our country.

Behind her is Nancy Pelosi, the congressional shrew, of “Let them eat ice cream” fame. A bitter political hack who is about as loopy as Biden, she is past her prime and would be a terrible president.

The Consequences of Wokeness

This, my friends, is what happens when being woke is more important than being smart. This is what happens when you vote for feel-good slogans and the promises of free money rather than for people who live in the real world and know how to deal with real problems.

The United States is like the big city that defunded the police only to see crime double. Americans and Afghani friends are dialing the equivalent of 911 and being told “We’ll get to you when we can, but we’re understaffed because we replaced a bunch of good guys with guns with social workers and feel-good slogans.”

The Democrats forgot that the government is supposed to protect people from external threats and that the country must look strong and resolute to do so successfully. After this debacle, expect more international strife because all the bad guys will know that Sheriff Joe is no threat.

What this Means for Preppers

As always, the bottom line is, what does this mean for you and me as preppers. I can sum the answer up in two words: Nothing good. Biden is dragging the country down, and that makes it increasingly dangerous for all of us.

Internal Dangers

There is a rising tide of anger against not just the Democrats, but against the political system. I know I am not the only person who feels the rules laid down in the Constitution have been abused and bent so far out of shape that we have taken an excellent system and rendered it inefficient, ineffective, bloated, and corrupt. Fixing this problem will be bloody, lengthy, and cause a massive shock to the system. The question is, will we let it get worse, or will something be done about it now? This appears to be a cusp, a point at which wiser heads may prevail and right the ship of state.

McCarthyism was stamped out after Senator McCarthy was disgraced on national TV and censured by his fellow senators. Maybe Joe’s disgrace can be a turning point to stamp out wokeness and socialism. We may not know until the 2022 mid-terms elections, but a blow out for Republicans would be a good sign.

I think the political fallout of Biden’s incompetence is going to last for months, and that will weaken our political system and our government. At best, we will see things that rarely occur, such as a president resigning. At worst, we could see some political shenanigans and rule breaking, and I’m talking far worse than things like misusing the IRS, the FBI or Congresses powers for sham investigations.

This entire episode could also be a kick off for civil unrest or even Civil War II.

External Dangers

I think the chance of international strife or even a full-blown war has just increased. Throughout history, wars have been a proven way to pull a country back together and to fight inflation. My guess is that is looking like a viable option to Democrats in positions of power (elected or not). We may end up dragged into a war not to save American lives but to save the Democrats. War will just give those in power more excuses to limit our rights, spend our money, and explain why there is less food available. No good will come of it.

Worse than a war started by Democrats would be a sneak attack by an enemy power. Sensing that we are weak, they could attack. It could be economic, it could be electronic, or it could be physical. Either way, expect disruption and the possibility of death, possibly on a large scale if one side or the other turns to nuclear arms.

On a smaller scale, but still dangerous, is the increased threat of terrorism. While Europe may be a more immediate target, I expect it will reach our shores. Another reason not to live or work in a target-rich environment.

How to Prepare

How can you prepare for so many potential threats? By taking care of the basics. Have food, shelter and a source of water. Be prepared to live without electricity or access to money. Be prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Better yet, have somewhere to go that is sparsely populated. Have someone you can team up with and seek safety in numbers. Keep your eyes open and monitor the news. We could be in for some rough times ahead.


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