Social Effects of COVID-19 May Be Worse than Medical Threat

A contagious patient. Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash.
A contagious patient. Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash.

I think we all know that COVID-19 is a pandemic that has killed millions and sickened 200 million, but have you ever stopped to think about the non-medical problems the virus has created, uncovered, or accelerated?

Here are just a few of the things our society is dealing with that have been caused or exacerbated by COVID-19 and the government’s reaction to it.

Loss of Personal Freedoms

From forcing business to close, telling people they can’t go to church or gather in large numbers, to forcing them to wear masks and even take a vaccine, the loss of personal freedom caused by the pandemic is not only unprecedented, it is growing worse every day.

Forcing landlords not to evict tenants who have not paid their rent for a year or more is just wrong. Telling restaurants and bars that they cannot let customers sit down inside is un-American. So is social media controlling what you can and cannot say online, especially when in hindsight many of the things they have prohibited turned out to be true.

Closing schools has been bad for children and caused many to fall behind. Fining people for surfing (a solo sport), threating neighbors for letting children play together, is wrong. Asking people to report their neighbors and family members for violating lockdowns is something you expect from the Chinese Communist Party, the Nazis or other totalitarian regimes, not America.


Several things directly related to the pandemic are causing inflation: The disruption of the supply chain and resulting shortages, the stimulus money given to most Americans, and the high level of spending and by the government and QE by the fed to “pump up” the economy. Looks like they over did the pumping.

We had an economy that was carefully balanced between supply and demand, and the shutdowns knocked it off kilter. The after-effects are still being felt and may be for some time. Products and markets that have been disrupted include food, lumber, copper and other metals, oil, housing, and automotive. Gee, that’s pretty much all of them.

Trust in the Government Collapses

The medical experts inside the government screwed up the handling of from the very beginning, and I include both the Trump administration and the Biden Administration in this. Mixed messages, contradictory messages, changing goal posts, and outright lies by people in positions of authority have caused the American people to lose confidence in their government.

COVID-19 created so much fear that people turned to their government for help and reassurance, and the government failed to provide it. If anything, they pumped up the fear as a way to control people.

The Silver Lining

About the only positive thing you can say is that COVID-19 revealed the tyrants and their sycophants. The petty people who seek to control others decide what they can say, what they can think, where they can go and what they can do.

COVID-19 could have pulled us all together like 9/11 did, but the media would not allow that. If you doubt this, look at stories they suppressed in 2020 when Trump was president, but allow when Biden is president. Look at the pass Biden is being given on the latest wave of COVID-19, on the collapse of Afghanistan after he withdrew U.S. troops, and on his obvious infirmities and poor health. More than anything else, stories like the original of COVID-19 and the success of alternative therapies to stop COVID-19 reveal the one-sided nature of the U.S. mainstream media and the bias of social media.

The Sleeping Giant

The pandemic and the government’s over reaction woke the sleeping giant, that large segment of the American population that was being boiled like the frog. COVID made them sit up and take notice, and quite a few jumped out of the pot. This is why guns and ammo are in short supply, because they realize they may have to fight to preserve their liberties and individual freedoms from a tyrannical government.

COVID-19 may have sped up this country’s slide downhill, but I think it has also provided something to make that slide self-limiting: an armed, angry populace.

This is why we prep.


  1. I have often thought this. What that segment of the country you describe as “armed, angry” needs is leadership, a plan, and communication. We need a national leader, state by state leaders, and local leaders. Who are they? We need an organized plan to fight back. Presently it’s a scattered mess of motivated people. We have the people but they have no organized direction or goal. And we need communications. To be able to coordinate our actions and see any resulting progress. A lot of work. And who pays for it? A monumental task . The tyrants have all this and we pay for it. Are we doomed? Not yet but we’re close. Maybe we need to resurrect the Tea Party but call it something else.

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