Study Answers Question: How Effective is the Vaccine?

Vaccine syringe and vial
A safe and effective vaccine will be a step forward, but far from a victory march.

Data from a study conducted recently in Minnesota shows that the Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness against the Delta variant of COVID-19 is only 42 percent. It remains 85 percent effective against hospitalization. This seems to confirm data produced several weeks ago based on the rising infections in Israel.

In contrast, the Moderna vaccine was 76 percent effective in preventing infection by the Delta variant and 92 percent against hospitalization.

The efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine against the Delta variant of COVID-19 is so low, if it was a new vaccine developed to combat Delta, they might not approve it for use.

This raises the question no one has studied: Are those states or counties that received the Pfizer Vaccine the states with the highest rate of infection? Maybe a weak vaccine and not the vaccinated are to blame.

Unvaccinated vs Under-Vaccinated

We currently have various federal agencies, some state governments, local cities, big businesses, a couple airlines and many large employers targeting unvaccinated people with restrictions and limits, all of which are unconstitutional. So I have to ask: Given this recent evidence, will they apply these restrictions to people who took the Pfizer vaccine? How long will it take before cities like New York insist you have the Moderna vaccine before they allow you to eat out or go to a concert?

After the 9/11 attack, the United States created the Department of Homeland Security and federalized the security forces at U.S. airports. Do you ever hear anything good about either of these agencies, or are they just part of a big, bloated government that is overstepping its constitutional boundaries?

The Vaccine Police

How long, I wonder, will it be before we see uniformed federal officers who inspect our vaccine passports? Will teams of these new Vaccine Cops swarm rodeos, NASCAR races, country music festivals and other conservative venues and demand to see everyone’s proof of vaccine? When you get pulled over by a cop, they might soon say, “License, registration and proof of vaccination, please.”

vaccine enforcement officer badge
This vaccine enforcement officer badge is fake today, but is this what the future holds?

Maybe we will have to have personal devices like an Easy Pass we wear around our neck, so they display our vaccination status for anyone with a scanner? Or will they just build it into your cell phone?

Maybe they will add a box to your driver’s license, in between the corrective eyewear and organ downer boxes, where your state will record your vaccine status.

Expect More Lockdowns, Limits and Cancelations

As this latest wave of COVID-19 grows, organizers are canceling events and people are beginning to restrict their activities. For example, they canceled the New Orleans Jazz festival because of rising cases of COVID-19. In their defense, Louisiana is the worst hit state in the country, with 120 cases per 100,000 people. That’s about 30 percent worse than Florida.

Restaurants, many of which have been open for inside dining just a few months, are seeing an impact as people choose not to eat out for fear of the virus. This is hurting their sales and adding doubt to the recovery.

Video of the Day

Our video of the day is from Rand Paul and addresses the use of fear and propaganda around COVID-19 to control us