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Bees on Asters (left) and Goldenrod

Goldenrod and Asters Help our Bees Prep for Winter

You could consider bees preppers. They stock up nectar (carbs) and pollen (protein) to help carry them through the long. cold winter.
The supply chain is crumbling

How to Shorten Your Personal Supply Chain

As the supply chain crumbles and threatens to collapse, you can take steps to ensure your personal supply chain is in better shape.
pol roti, a Sri Lankan flat bread

Yesterday was “Eat like a Prepper Day” at our House

It's important to test your preps so you know what to do when the SHTF. I recommend holding an "eat like a prepper day" a couple times a month.

Prepper News Update September 28

It’s a Global Energy Crisis Flashback Just like we’re experiencing inflation at rates last seen in the 1970s, it appears that the world is experiencing...
A London street covered in snow.

Britain Fears another “Winter of Discontent.” Will it Strike Here?

Inflation, gas shortages, and supply chain disruptions make British fear the 1970s are returning. Will this be our winter of discontent as well?
Sign saying inflation ahead. Image from BigStock.

Inflation Numbers Don’t Look Good

When business report their costs are rising between 3 to 11 percent, you know you are going t be paying more soon as the inflation cycle continues.
Stihl trimmer with metal blade installed

Taking Advantage of the Cooler Weather on the Homestead

We are working to make fall plantings, clean up the homestead, stock up, and generally make sure we are ready for winter.
Police Car

Concealed Carry Gives you Options in a Mass Shooting

Without a gun, you can run and hide. With a gun, you can run, hide, or choose fight back. Give yourself a fighting chance.

Prepper News Update September 24

Rising Fertilizer Prices to Boost Food Costs Fertilized prices are reaching a point not seen in a decade, which could translate to higher food costs...
Apples in a tree, waiting to be picked.

Prepper Diary: Autumn Arrives in a Deluge

Autumn is bringing us rain, but also apples, hunting, and before long, fires in the wood stove to keep us warm.