New Violent Criminal Threats to Your Personal Safety

Violent criminals are using masses of people to overwhelm police and security. Similar techniques are carrying over to robberies of individuals as well.

While most of the news has been covering the coordinated mass robberies of high-end stores in California, this is only the tip of the crime wave. What is not being talked about is the rash of follow-home robbers and mass home invasions. These crimes target individuals instead of stores and attract less news coverge.

These new criminal techniques, often conducted by organized gangs, may herald a new and increasingly dangerous wave of crime. While high-end stores and high-net-worth individuals are targeted today, as they increase their security, criminals will turn their attention to targets that are less well protected. Increasing levels of crime by well-organized criminal organizations that seem to carry out their work despite the best efforts of police are part of the trend I’ve mentioned before: the U.S. is becoming more like a third-world society every day. Soon there will be rich people living in walled enclaves with professional security and there will be the rest of us, just like some Central American countries.

Like any threat, it is best to prepare before it strikes. Today, we’re going to cover each of these crimes and how you can prepare to face them.

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Lesson Learned from One Year of Rural Living

One year in, we would move from the city to the mountains again. If you are looking to go rural, maybe you can benefit from our experiences.

We moved into our prepper property full time about one year ago. For new readers and to recap for old ones, here are the specifics: We moved from about 2 acres in the exurbs where we had a large home to a smaller house on almost 20 forested acres on the side of a mountain. There are multiple streams on the property and the drinking water is from a gravity-fed spring. We have a septic system. A wood stove and a fireplace insert heat the house. It is located up a dirt road so steep UPS, Fedex and the USPS won’t deliver here.

My wife and I agree that it has been a good move even if it got off to a slow start because of COVID-19 restrictions. But the first yer has had some lessons. Here are a few things we learned:

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COVID Omicron: Fear Mongering Reaches New Heights

It’s Big! It’s Bad! It’s a new variation of COVID-19 and the media, the politicians, and Big Pharma want you to be scared.

There are just a few hundred known cases of the new omicron COVID virus variation, but to hear the media talk about it, you would think we are all doomed.

Fear mongers are already using this new variation to urge people to get vaccinated or get boosters. But early reports show that many (or even most) of those infected with omicron are vaccinated. If the current vaccine is not effective against this mutation, then why bother to get vaccinated?

What makes this hullabaloo even more ironic are reports COVID cases caused by the omicron variation are milder than delta and other variations and no hospitalizations have resulted from it. One South African doctor reports he has not seen it bring the lack of smell or taste commonly associated with COVID. Some mutations in omicron may benefit patients when compared to the original illness or the delta variation.

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Prepper News Update November 27

My house is still filled with family and friends after Thanksgiving, so we will only have prepper news update today instead of original contents.  But of you missed yesterday’s article, take a look, it’s a good one.

A New COVID Mutant Could Spell Trouble

A new variation of the COVID virus with 32 mutations has been discovered in Africa.  It could prove to be resistant to the various vaccine.  Not only does this bear monitoring, but it points to the fact that we may have to live with COVID just like we live with the flu as new mutations form regularly.  Fear of this new Variant, to be called Omicron, set the stock markets into a nose dive on Friday.

In my opinion, it’s too early and too little is known to over react. You should already be prepped. If not, then prep, don’t panic.

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How a Collapse Could Knock us Back to the 1880s

If we suffered an EMP strike or other cataclysmic event that knocked out utilities for years, how long would a recovery take and what would it look like?

I’ve talked about how an EMP, nuclear war, comet strike, solar flare, or other large-scale global event that eliminates our ability to produce and distribute electricity and other utilities could send us all back the point where we are living life similar to people in the 1880s. This post digs deeper into that topic and what this worst-case scenario means to you as a prepper.

Government estimates are that up to 90 percent of the population would die off in the event of an EMP that affects the entire country. Many of these deaths would be from starvation, temperature extremes, a lack of prescription medicine and medical equipment/treatment, drinking dirty and contaminated water, and a rash of diseases caused by a lack of hygiene and sanitation. Battles over what limited resources remain will result in many more deaths. Maybe some military bases and other pockets would survive, but most of the country (or the world) would be on its own and it would literally be dog-eat-dog. Some people will survive, either through luck or planning. Ideally, the prepper will benefit from both.

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Beyond the Basics: What You Should be Stockpiling Now

When you are prepping for the long term, you need to go beyond food, water, self-dense, and medical. Footwear is one good example.

The last time I went shopping, all I added to my prepper pantry were two cans of chicken noodle soup. Instead, I’ve been doing some stocking up on non-food items. I recommend you consider doing the same.

I took my own advice and now have two new-in-box pairs of boots in our storage room. This should give me at least three years of footwear if the SHTF, the cargo ships stop sailing, or the trucks stop rolling. If our only emergency is inflation, then I will have saved money by buying boots now.

The newest pair is a genuine USMC RAT boot that has a Vibram sole that can be replaced. Granted, in a post-SHTF scenario, there will probably not be a shoemaker around (heck, there’s not a shoemaker around now), but I have visions of cutting a sole out of an old tire and using my Speedy Stitcher to sew it on. I don’t know if that will be possible, but since it’s a theoretical situation that may never occur, I will not lose any sleep over it.

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COVID Drives Governments to Totalitarian Edge

As COVID-19 bounces back, governments double down on restrictions even though they have proved insufficient in the past.

It shocked me to learn that Australia, which I always considered a pretty nice county, is using its army to move people who have COVID-19 and their close contacts to a quarantine camp. (Well, they call it a quarantine camp; I expect the people forced to live there who cannot leave consider it a prison camp.) This begs the question, why not go full into full Red China emulation mode and just weld them into their homes?

When China welded COVID-19 patients into their apartments to prevent the virus from spreading, I was not surprised. You expect that from a communist country that has a terrible civil rights record and where the government is all powerful. But we do not think of Australia as being a totalitarian state. What equation are they using where nine cases of a disease that infects 500,000 people daily around the globe justify sending people to a prison camp? Are the authorities going to kill their pets like the Chinese do?

Makes you wonder if they would dare try this if they had not removed assault rifles and many other firearms from private ownership back in 1996.

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Evaluating my Old Bugout Bag

I sorted through my bugout bag from 2018. Let’s take a look at some of the things it held and what it was missing.

A few days ago, I mentioned I opened an old bugout bag and found some cash and a gold coin. Since then, I have taken advantage of the cold weather and continued to organize and inventory our prepping supplies.

I recently opened my large bug out bag I put together in 2018 when we lived in our former home and in the event of disaster would have bugged out to a retreat about four to five hours away by car. Since then, we have moved to our new prepper property on the side of a very remote mountain and sold our retreat. I probably don’t need my bugout bag any longer because we intend to bug in, not out. About the only thing that might force us to leave would be a forest fire, although I think it is likely I would stay and fight it.

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Is the AR-15 the Best Gun for Preppers?

There are an estimated 20 million or more AR-15s in civilian hands. It’s a common platform familiar to many, but is it the best gun for preppers?

Some people on social media say that Kyle Rittenhouse showed us that the AR-15 works for self-defense. I think it would have been more accurate to say it works for self-defense at close ranges in an urban combat scenario. In fact, I think the AR-15 shines in scenarios where the range in less than 150 yards. Go out to the plains states or the desert South West where the several hundred yards is considered close range, and its utility decreases.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the AR-15 and I own a few, but it still isn’t my favorite gun. It has many things going for it, including lightweight, easy handling, good ammo availability, and plenty of spare parts and accessories. It’s modular, easy to work on, and reliable as long as it’s kept clean. I just prefer my battle rifle to be a .30 caliber.

But is the AR-15 the perfect prepper gun? As much as I hate to admit it, it’s a good choice to add to your survival arsenal early on. Let’s look at why.

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