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Pistol pointed at your face

New Violent Criminal Threats to Your Personal Safety

Violent criminals are using masses of people to overwhelm police and security. Similar techniques are carrying over to robberies of individuals as well.
We opted to live halfway up a mountain, far from the nearest city. Photo by skingery314 from Pixabay

Lesson Learned from One Year of Rural Living

One year in, we would move from the city to the mountains again. If you are looking to go rural, maybe you can benefit from our experiences.
As fear about COVID Omicron rises, expect to see more mask wearing.

COVID Omicron: Fear Mongering Reaches New Heights

It's Big! It's Bad! It's a new variation of COVID-19 and the media, the politicians, and Big Pharma want you to be scared.

Prepper News Update November 27

My house is still filled with family and friends after Thanksgiving, so we will only have prepper news update today instead of original contents. ...
A dying city after the apocalypse. Imege by ArtTower on Pixabay

How a Collapse Could Knock us Back to the 1880s

If we suffered an EMP strike or other cataclysmic event that knocked out utilities for years, how long would a recovery take and what would it look like?
our wood stove.

Happy Thanksgiving!

May your holiday be as warm and welcoming as a room heated by a wood stove.
Black tactical boots worn in the woods.

Beyond the Basics: What You Should be Stockpiling Now

When you are prepping for the long term, you need to go beyond food, water, self-dense, and medical. Footwear is one good example.
Barb wire surrounding a prison camp.

COVID Drives Governments to Totalitarian Edge

As COVID-19 bounces back, governments double down on restrictions even though they have proved insufficient in the past.
Pete's Bugout Bg

Evaluating my Old Bugout Bag

I sorted through my bugout bag from 2018. Let's take a look at some of the things it held and what it was missing.
An AR15 style modern sporting rifle.

Is the AR-15 the Best Gun for Preppers?

There are an estimated 20 million or more AR-15s in civilian hands. It's a common platform familiar to many, but is it the best gun for preppers?