Prepper News Update November 27


My house is still filled with family and friends after Thanksgiving, so we will only have prepper news update today instead of original contents.  But of you missed yesterday’s article, take a look, it’s a good one.

A New COVID Mutant Could Spell Trouble

A new variation of the COVID virus with 32 mutations has been discovered in Africa.  It could prove to be resistant to the various vaccine.  Not only does this bear monitoring, but it points to the fact that we may have to live with COVID just like we live with the flu as new mutations form regularly.  Fear of this new Variant, to be called Omicron, set the stock markets into a nose dive on Friday.

In my opinion, it’s too early and too little is known to over react. You should already be prepped. If not, then prep, don’t panic.

Fertilizer Shortage Predicted

As prices rise due to short supplies, the lack of nitrogen fertilizer could result in higher food prices and/or food shortages.

EMP Threat Grows More Real

A combined cyber attack and EMP attack could allow China, North Korea, Iran or Russia to “Win a war with a single blow.”  For more information on what might happen after such an attack, refer to How a Collapse Could Knock us Back to the 1880s.