A Glimmer of Hope From the Election

Virginia election results in 2021
Virginia election results in 2021

At first, the chants of F*ck Joe Biden were heard throughout college football stadiums. Then it spread to NFL stadiums and NASCAR races. This was a blunt declaration of how people felt about the president immediately after he screwed up the American withdrawal from Afghanistan. After leaving Americans and tens of thousands of Afghanis at the mercy of the Taliban, who can really blame people for feeling this way?

Then the chants evolved into “Let’s Go Brandon,” recently heard at the World Series. It is a more polite way to say “F*ck Joe Biden” and poke fun at the extent to which the mainstream media go to spin the story (or a chant) to protect their favorite leftist politicians and causes. “Let’s Go Brandon” has grown in popularity because it is not as vulgar and is a two-fer.

On Election Day, after they counted the votes, the chant evolved once again. This time, it was “Screw you Democrats.” In Virginia, it was “Teachers Work for Parents.” In Minneapolis, it was, “We want police protection.”

With a few exceptions (like liberal New York City where a Democrat who is a former police captain was elected Mayor), Republican candidates carried the day, with many victories being considered upsets. Perhaps that just shows how little the media understands the American public.

This Gives Me Hope

Between the election results and the common-sense approach exhibited by Joe Machin towards the huge socialist spending bill, I have a small kernel of hope. (Imagine, a senator actually wanting to know how the money will be raised, spent, and accounted for, just like responsible congressmen used to do.) As I said the other day, perhaps the pendulum is starting to swing back.

Are Republicans perfect? No. We’ve seen plenty of spending under Republican administrations. Instead of rushing headlong towards socialism, like many of the leftist Democrats, the Republicans appear to take the old one-step forward-half a step back approach. At least some of them believe in free markets and realize that the state cannot and should not control everything.

Inspirational Speech

The speech given by Winsome Sears, the newly elected Lt. Governor of Virginia, inspired me. How could you not vote for such a woman? She believed in the American Dream when she emigrated here from Jamaica as a six-year-old, and fifty years later believes in it still. It would not surprise me to see her run for governor in 2025. This, my friends, is the caliber of people we want running our government.

I remember the days when Ronald Reagan and the Republicans stood for smaller government and deregulation. We need to get back to those days and pare down the excessive bureaucracy that makes our government a bloated, expensive behemoth rather than a lean, efficient expediter of the people’s will. I don’t know if we can get back to that point, but I believe Republicans will get us closer to that ideal than Democrats who stand for larger government and more regulation.

Don’t Expect Rapid Change

So while we had a day or two of positive news, there are still battles to be won. The Democrats still maintain a slim majority in Congress and the progressives control almost 100 seats. President Biden (or whoever is propping him up) is still pushing the same leftist agenda. They still want masks and mandates, still hate oil and coal, still want to raise taxes, still believe in open borders, and still want to give stuff away in return for votes.

Until they cut back regulations, the economy is going to get worse and the supply chain problems are here to stay. Until they encourage drilling and fracking again, high oil prices are here to stay. As long as they believe in modern monetary theory and think the government can keep lending money to itself with no repercussions, we’re going to have inflation and other economic problems. Until we get a stronger president, China is going to look for ways to take advantage of us.

In other words, don’t stop prepping.