When it’s Time to Stop Going with the Flow

Line of revolutionary war soldiers with muskets
Line of revolutionary war soldiers with muskets

I remember watching a movie in which people were pouring into Grand Central Station in New York City, taking escalators up and down, an unending supply of people going in and out of tunnels. The volume of people, which flowed through the stations like grains of sand through some complex hourglass, each individual invisible amongst the crowd, surprised me.

Some years later, I found myself walking up Third Avenue from 38th to 42nd Street and taking one of those very same tunnels into Grand Central Station. I realized that seen from above, the position of the camera in the long-forgotten movie, I had become one of those grains of sand carried along with the current. Yet down on the floor, it didn’t feel that crowded. I just marched ahead, dodging the occasional person who didn’t know how to go with the flow.

Today, I look at Australia, where they can put you in jail for two years and fine you $90,000 if you violate health orders during a pandemic. Where failure to pay COVID-related fines may result in the government suspending your driver’s license, taking your house, or garnishing your bank account.

I feel like I am in the same position as that camera, well above the fray, looking at the totalitarian mess in Australia from afar. I wonder how it feels to be on the ground. Do Australian citizens just march ahead as I did in Grand Central, carried by the current, or do they wish they could go against the flow?

Australia Stands as a Warning to us All

This outrageous behavior by the Australian government should serve as a warning to us all: This is what happens when you take guns out of the hands of citizens. The only thing that keeps governments and elected officials from running roughshod over citizens is the healthy fear that there may be a revolt. Revolts are almost impossible without guns.

Joe Biden might say we need nuclear weapons and F15s, but the truth is all we need is a trusty rifle. No president is going to strike their own country with nuclear bombs. Riflemen, with boots on the ground, can get the job done, and that’s the purpose of the 2nd Amendment.

The Founding Fathers wrote the Bill of Rights after they had successfully rebelled against England. They fired the first shots in anger when British regulars marched to Lexington and Concord to confiscate guns belonging to the Minute Men. No matter how much the leftists try to stamp out history, no matter how many statues the socialists tear down, no matter how many times they tell you these were not honorable men because some of them owned slaves, enough of us understand that the time may come when the blood of tyrants and patriots must again be spilled.

This is not a declaration of war, it is simply a reminder: when cornered, animals fight back, often ferociously. Governments must be careful how far they push the governed, especially those that still have teeth. President Lincoln was correct when he said “our government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.” The 2nd Amendment serves as a reminder that the people are the ultimate decision makers.

Making a Choice

A time will come when you may have to decide whether you need to go with the flow or be the rock that forces water to divert around it. I will not tell you what path to take because I don’ know your situation. But I will tell you that fighting back does not require a gun.

Some people are fighting back against an oppressive government by refusing to get the jab. Others are standing up for themselves by refusing to take low-paying jobs. In Virginia last night, it appears that parents stood up for themselves and for their children, voting for Youngkin rather than McCaullife.

Fighting back might include buying crypto and looking at alternative investments. It might mean leaving the workforce and therefore paying fewer taxes. It might mean buying goods made in the USA rather than China. Resisting could include voting the bums out, starting at a local level and working up the chain of politicians until we elect patriotic Americans who want what is best for the country rather than those who simply want to enrich themselves while feeding at the public trough.

If we play this right, your guns can remain in your safe and the only blood will be in the headquarters of socialist and leftist organizations after the next election day. To do that, you have to act.

Take a stand.