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You can see how this inside-the-waistband holster and gun could be easily concealed by draping the shirt over it..

New Mexico Governor Bans Guns in Albuquerque

We must act to stop the use of so-called "public heath emergencies" to ban guns in New Mexico or it will be happening in your state.
The Supreme Court

The Second Amendment Keeps Winning in Court

If you hear any wailing and gnashing of teeth, just ignore it. That’s just the anti-gunners freaking out as the tide of court rulings turns against them.
A MAC-10 with a silencer

The Problem isn’t Bad Guns, it’s Bad People

Mass shooting aren't caused by guns. They are caused by people. To stop them, society needs to do a better job of raising well-adjusted people.
pistol brace

ATF May Make Pistol Braces Illegal without Tax Stamp

Early indications are that the ATF will rule AR15 style pistol using a pistol brace are actually SBRs and require them to be registered.
Polymer 80 box

Media Villainizes Polymer80 in Preparation for Biden’s “Ghost Gun” Rule Change

For a guy who has sworn to uphold the Constitution multiple times, Biden sure seems to enjoy taking aim at our individual and constitutional rights.
Rifle collection

If Registration Leads To Confiscation, We’re In Trouble

The ATF made news today when they admitted to collecting more than 900 million records on gun sales, a possible violation of Federal law.
A female shooting a scoped precision rifle.

Will Russia Bite off More than it can Chew?

In 2014, many Ukrainians supported Russia. Today, that number has dwindled and true Ukrainians are training to fight for their homeland.
Line of revolutionary war soldiers with muskets

When it’s Time to Stop Going with the Flow

Sometimes, you reach a juncture where you have to go with the flow or take a stand. But taking a stand can mean many different things.
Polymer 80 box

Time to Buy an 80-percent Receiver and Build a Ghost Gun

Gun sales are soaring. Ammo is in short supply. The Democrats want to ban your guns. The ATF wants to increase regulation. Sounds like its time to buy a gun,
They are coming to take your guns.

When Did American Become a Third World Country?

As the country draws ever closer to socialism, there is one thing keeping us from falling into the quagmire of socialism: Privately owned firearms.