Media Villainizes Polymer80 in Preparation for Biden’s “Ghost Gun” Rule Change

Polymer 80 box
This Polymer80 Box contains an 80-percent receiver.

Unable to get any gun control passed in Congress, and facing a populace where a majority no longer favor gun control, President Biden is looking at administrative rule changes to implement back-door gun control. According to this article, his latest target appears to be ghost guns, even though the expected restrictions are unlikely to hold up in court.

Better act soon if the idea of having an untraceable gun that you built and customized yourself appeals to you.

I purchased a Polymer 80 kit almost a year ago. Did I need another gun? No, but I don’t like the government restricting my constitutional rights, so I decided to buy one before they were banned. If I run out of things to do at he homestead, I may finish the receiver and build a full gun for fun project. Until then, it will just sit there in my gun safe, a lump of plastic that is neither a gun nor a receiver.

Published April 6. Read the full article.