If they Want Enemies, they will get Enemies

Shooter in ghilliesuit with a suppressed rifle.
Shooter in ghilliesuit with a suppressed rifle.

Joe Biden, or the puppeteers pulling his strings, seems to think that half the people in this country are domestic terrorists. His Attorney General Merrick Garland appears to feel the same way and is wasting no time pointing federal law enforcement agencies at what he calls domestic terrorists. Of course, that means anyone who disagrees with their policies. Since they get to make the rules, they can paint anyone they want with the domestic terrorist brush.

That’s why liberal protesters are “peaceful protesters” and get let out of jail with a slap on the wrist while conservative protesters are “domestic terrorists,” even when they are unarmed.

Domestic Terrorists

No patriotic American supports terrorism, and home-grown terrorists are an insidious threat, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “Does the government consider me to be a domestic terrorist?” Sadly, if you read this blog, the answer is probably “yes.”

Chances are, the government has on you their list of potential domestic terrorists if you meet any of these criteria:

  • You own guns, believe in God, and think the government is too big and should mind its own business.
  • Every now and then, you get together with friends, do some shooting, and plan what you will do in a disaster.
  • If you’ve ever said anything negative about a minority group, then not only are you a domestic terrorist, but you are a racially or ethnically motivated domestic terrorist, which is even worse.
  • If you are against mandates and don’t want to wear your mask, then you’re on the list as an anti-authoritarian, and that makes you a threat in their eyes.

These days, you can end up on a watch list for disagreeing with the socialist principals endorsed by “woke” politicians, for disagreeing with your local school board, and for supporting the Bill of Rights.

According to the Washington Post, “Dozens of people on a terrorist watch list were in Washington for pro-Trump events Jan. 6 (2021).” Dozens? It must be easy to get on the list. You just have to be outspoken and disagree with the current regime.

The Future Looks Grim

In the future – and it may be another 20 years but we are heading that direction – this list is going to be used to round up people the government doesn’t like. It’s happened with the Nazi’s, during the Chinese Revolution, and with just about every other dictator that ever seized power. If they keep an enemies list, at some point, they are going to use it, What better way to consolidate power than to decapitate the opposition by eliminating its leaders?

You may think our government would never do that, but “our” government is being replaced by something our founders would not recognize. If people like Joe Biden stay in power, you and I might not recognize it in another 8 years. When believing in the constitution makes you an enemy of the state, then the state has become an enemy of the people.

When the equivalent of the secret police shows up at your door and asks you to turn over your guns and come with them, will you allow them to lead you to their version of the gulag? Will you end up with a bullet in the head and in an unmarked mass grave like those in Eastern Europe did for decades under communist rule? Or will you fight back? Don’t say you will go quietly for the sake of your spouse or your children; they’ll be in the next car and will be used as a lever to force your cooperation.

At some point, people who know they are on the list need to be prepared to fight back. They can start the battle with lawyers and legal briefs, but once the government declares a state of emergency and suspends the rights of so-called domestic terrorists, that won’t do any good. Your right to a lawyer will go right out the door, along with your right to a trial by a jury of your peers, the right not to incriminate yourself and your right to freedom of speech. That bit about cruel and unusual punishment? They will ignore as well it.

Creating their Worst Fears

The very round-up that the government will undertake to protect the illegitimate powers that be will land them in the very place they don’t want to go. People on the terrorist watch list will fight back. Then it will spread. And since no one knows if they are on the list, many will assume they are just for the thoughts in their head.

Many people I know carry a gun for self-defense. I’ve never met anyone who has said to me, “I carry a gun in case I need to shoot the Feds.” But when we get like China and they show up to haul you off for speaking your mind or posting something on social media, shooting the men at the door will be self-defense.

The people that make lists of enemies should remember that when you name a man an enemy, he may one day have no choice but to act like an enemy.


  1. I don’t think we ever get rounded up and thrown into camps.

    But, it’s ONLY because the dollar will collapse first, and thus causing a situation that is impossible to live through en mass. The only “survivors” will be chosen. Our crowd isn’t having babies at a replacement level already! When shtf, all they have to do is stand back and watch us be reduced to a tiny fraction of what we are now.

    By “us” I mean conservative, freedom loving Christian Americans.

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