Bank of America ups Inflation Forecast

Sign saying inflation ahead. Image from BigStock.
We have inflation, but there is more to come.

The CEO of the Bank of America said he “does not see prices normalizing in the short term.” Meanwhile, their chief investment strategist said there could be a recession shock coming.

Published 4/18/2022. Read the entire article.


  1. The economy is DEADdeadDEAD! “They” are having trouble propping it up and delaying the collapse. The collapse is imminent, so they need to blame Russia. Once they blame Russia for our next depression, they will claim the 2022 elections were stolen by Putin, and then the chaos really starts……. I doubt it will be that bad, as I and predicting that most Americans roll over and take it while telling themselves, “next election trump will come and fix it” . I think the US will fall without so much as a whimper. Those expecting Americans to pull together and fight for their rights will be sorely disappointed.

  2. Food will continue to inflate until the government is “justified” to intervene. Government intervention in our food supply should worry everyone. They will be very equitable when handing out the food

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