Government Lies and When You Should Start to Worry

Presidents Biden and Obama
How do you know a politician is lying? Their lips are moving.

When a government representative reassures you everything is OK, you should nod in apparent agreement, politely thank them, and hurry home. Once you get there, look at how the market is reacting to the news, dig into as many unofficial news sources you can find, and consider whether it is time to bug out. If it is not yet the time to bug out, then redouble your prepping, because a government official tell you everything will be OK is a huge warning sign that it is anything but.

Ignore what people say on social media or anywhere else where algorithms and censorship can affect what you see. They will be firmly in the government’s pocket.

For example, the Ukrainian government downplayed the chance of a Russian attack and basically told its citizens “everything is fine.” When the U.S. warned them, they shrugged it off, which made the eventual evacuation more hurried and dangerous. I suspect it also contributed to civilian deaths.

Right now, in another example, the British Government is telling consumers the potential lack of energy this winter is nothing to worry about. “Households, businesses and industry can be confident they will get the electricity and gas that they need over the winter,” they say. Maybe so, but at what price? Meanwhile, the Finns are telling its citizens to take fewer saunas, Germans are being told to take a sponge bath instead of a shower, and gas prices are rising to shocking new highs. Something is rotten in London.

Need an example closer to home? How about the New York City PSA on what to do in a nuclear attack. It recommends you get inside, stay inside, and stay tuned to the media for more instructions. I translate this as: “Don’t panic, everything is fine. Just go home so we know where to find the bodies.”

Here’s an 8-second video clip to inject a bit of humor into this post:

They Don’t Care About You

The government has one ultimate objective: to protect itself. They don’t care if there are 330 million Americans or 100 million, as long as they stay in power and can continue to feed at the public trough.

If Russia were to launch 200 nuclear missiles at us, do you think the government would tell you? I’m betting they would hold off thinking it would do no good and might create panic. Meanwhile, the President, vice president, key leaders and lots of top military brass would he heading for deep holes in the ground where they can live for months.

In that scenario, I expect word would eventually leak and the media would cover the story, but there would be little comment from anyone above the level of assistant press secretary.

When they Warn You

When a government spokesperson warns you about something, it probably a power grab. They are either a rare honest politician giving you an honest warning, or they are trying to scare you so that when it doesn’t hit the fan, they can take credit and you will be grateful and reelect them. If the you-know-what was about to hit the fan, they’d deny it to prevent bank runs and to let their friends sell stocks before the bottom fell out of the market.

By the time it has already hit the fan, they won’t try to hide it, but they will lie about the extent of the disaster. Look at the outbreak of COVID-19. We went from “Fifteen days to slow the spread” to hundreds of days in lockdown. They also sold us on a vaccine that would stop the spread only for us to learn it won’t, but might make the symptoms less. Now, most are admitting the vaccine does little and we’re seeing those who are vaccinated and boosted are the same people who repeatedly get sick.

It’s enough to make you distrust government officials.

The Hive Mind

I raise bees and I know a single bee will sacrifice herself to protect the hive and her queen, but we are not worker bees and we don’t owe our lives to the queen. I might sacrifice my life to save my wife’s life, but I would not do so to save President Biden. He’s supposed to be the servant of the people, not the other way around.

The government will look after itself, not us. That means we must be in a position to save ourselves. That’s where prepping comes in.

Don’t Trust Them

I expect most of my readers will you have learned this already, but don’t trust politicians or non-elected officials who are well up in the bureaucracies. They may not be out to get you, but they certainly aren’t there to help you. Someone lower on their staff may have some empathy for you, but don’t expect it from “the Big Guy.”

Lifetime politicians like Joe Biden are the most likely to lie to you because they’d been doing it the longest. It’s second nature. They are slimy bastard who use their position to enrich themselves and care nothing about me and you until they need our vote on Election Day.

Most newly elected politicians no doubt intend to be honest, but after they get to Washington, they find out you have to play the game to get ahead. Add the constant pressure to get reelected and they can’t stop playing the game. Before long, the desire to build power erases any desire to be honest and do good.

I would not trust federal law enforcement agents either. Because lying to a federal LEO is a crime, talk to them as little as possible and refuse to let them into your home without a warrant.