Floods from Tropical Storm Kay to Hit California, Possibly Nevada

NOAA Flash Flooding Risk Map for 9-9-22
NOAA Flash Flooding Risk Map for 9-9-22

I expect everyone in Southern California is already aware of this, but Tropical Storm Kay is forecast to make landfall in Mexico as a Category 1 hurricane and move northward into California. While a Category 1 hurricane has lower wind speeds than other hurricanes, this storm is quite large and looks to be packing large amounts of rain. The National Hurricane Center warns of a moderate risk of flash flooding in Southern California and a 15 percent risk as far North as Bakersfield, Calif., and Las Vegas, Nev., as displayed in the image above. Some parts of California are predicted to receive more rain as a result of the storm than they have gotten so far this year.

Strong winds are also expected and could caused damage before the storm turns back out to sea.

Published 9/9/2022. See full article.