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A B-52 strategic bomber taking off

US to Station Nuclear-Capable B-52s in Australia

In what is seen as a response to China's belligerence in the China Sea and threats to invade Taiwan, the U.S. is sending B-52 bombers to Australia
A house in the mountains

How to Start a Retreat from Scratch

Read the story of a family that bought raw land and built their own retreat, including the many steps they took.
Barge traffic on the Mississippi

Supply Chain Threats Suddenly Appear

War, drought and politics once again threaten our food, energy and the supply chain, no doubt leading to more inflation.
checkpoint to enter Israel

Unexpected Visitors After the SHTF

The further you can stop someone from your property during the SHTF, the less likely your house and your people are to be damaged.
B-61 nuclear bombs on a bomb cart.

U.S. Sends New Thermonuclear Weapons to European Bases

Dozens of modernized nuclear bombs that include a guidance package are to be sent to NATO bases across Europe within a month.
Medical professionals

Flu Season is More Severe than it has been in 13...

Flu season has started early and looks to be severe.
Child at doctor's visit

Are You Prepped for Winter Ills?

Children's hospitals are filling up thanks to a high rate of viral infections, and winter has barely started. Prep for it to get worse as temperatures drop.
Prepper News Update

Putin Says he Won’t Use Nukes in Ukraine

This just in: NBC says Putin rules out using nuclear weapons in Ukraine,
Russian ICBM test launch

Are YOU on High Alert?

The U.S. may be on high alert for nuclear war? Are you? Should you be? What can you do to stay safe in these tough times.
A black bear

There’s a Bear Out There

Bears and warmer weather return to the homestead. Hopefully we'll see the last of the bears once it turns cold again and stays cold.