U.S. Sends New Thermonuclear Weapons to European Bases

B-61 nuclear bombs on a bomb cart.
An earlier version of the B-61 nuclear bombs on a bomb cart. Photo by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Dozens of modernized nuclear bombs that include a guidance package are to be sent to NATO bases across Europe with a month. Whether they are to replace older “dumb” gravity bombs or are in addition to the current bombs in Europe is not yet clear. These bombs can programmed for different yields and to use as an air burst or ground detonation. They can be dropped from stealth bombers as well as the F-15, F-35, and the British Tornado.

While the Pentagon claims this is “in no way linked to current events,” I find that hard to believe. I expect the Russians will feel much the same. Whether or not it sends a signal to Russia, it should send a signal to all preppers to get prepared as we take another step closer to a nuclear war.

Published 10/27/2022. Read the full article.