Electric Vehicles Not for Cold Climates

A Tesla Model 3
Electric vehicles like this Tesla might work fine in moderate weather, but their range can drop by as much as 50 percent in extreme heat or cold.

If you live somewhere cold, hold off on buying that Ford Lightning, Tesla, or other electric vehicle. If you already own one, expect your EV to have its range reduced by up to 50 percent, take longer to charge, and possibly not charge at all when cold temperatures strike.

Just like running the air conditioning accelerates the drain on an EVs battery and reduces its driving range, running the heater also requires battery power. The result is the range promised by manufacturers is lessened in all weather extremes.

I like to keep my gas tank at least half full. For EVs, it looks like the best practice is to top of off every time you return from a trip.

I know many delivery companies and fleets are counting on adding new electric trucks in the near future. I expect that will be another green energy program that fails to live up to its expectations.

Published on 12/30/2022. Read full article.