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Heavy snow

25 Atmospheric Rivers Cause up to $7 Billion in Damage in...

California got hit this winter with excessive snow and rain this winter. It may have cured the drought, but it caused its own share of problems.
An assortment of guns

Mental Illness and Mass Shootings

Why are so many school shooters and other mass shooters in a crisis or suffering from mental illness?
Wall Street

This is How to Survive a Collapse

You need to add some financial preparedness to your standard preps if you want to survive to coming economic collapse.
A pile of Jenga pieces in a tower.

This is How a Collapse Starts

Collapses aren't caused by any one thing, but many small things can add up to take down the largest systems and most powerful countries.
A pile of dead bees on the grass

Bad Bee News in a Busy Week

Spring is usually a time of rebirth and young animals, but winter wasn't done with us. The recent cold snap caused death and destruction.
nuclear explosion

Russia Says it will Nuke any Country that Arrests Putin

Russia just threatened to nuke any country that arrests Putin after the International Criminal Court issues a warrant for his arrest.
A man alone in the forest

Walking Home after the SHTF

Preppers often talk about bugging out, but we rarely talk about getting home if you are away when a disaster strikes. Here's a scenario.
survival cache

Ten Unusual and Unexpected Things you will Want After the SHTF

Some preps are obvious, others less so. Here is Pete's list of 10 unusual preps things that are not on the normal top ten prepping lists.
credit cards and wallet

Is it Time to Prepare for a Banking Collapse?

How prepared are you if the banking system collapses and w the banks are closed and credit and debit cards don't work?
A mountain horizon

Big Change on the Horizon

An Important announcement about a big change to The Pickled Prepper Blog.