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survival cache

Ten Unusual and Unexpected Things you will Want After the SHTF

Some preps are obvious, others less so. Here is Pete's list of 10 unusual preps things that are not on the normal top ten prepping lists.
credit cards and wallet

Is it Time to Prepare for a Banking Collapse?

How prepared are you if the banking system collapses and w the banks are closed and credit and debit cards don't work?
A mountain horizon

Big Change on the Horizon

An Important announcement about a big change to The Pickled Prepper Blog.
A snowy scene shot from above

Winter Returns; Good News Seems Scarce

We were enjoying spring when this wintry blast reminded us that there are still tough times ahead of us. At least we know spring will return.
A pick up truck on the road

A Travel Survival Pack or Get Home Kit

When you are out of town, you have to carry your survival supplies with you. Are you equipped to walk home after a disaster?
Silicon Valley Bank logo

The Government Admits our Economy is in Trouble

By making SVB depositors whole, the government is tacitly admitting that our economy is on the verge of falling off a cliff and can't withstand a shock.
First Republic Bank logo

SVB Contagion Spreads to First Republic Bank

On Saturday, a line formed outside First Republic Bank in Southern California as depositors fearing its collapse lined up to withdraw their money.
Man falling from building

Are Bank Closures a Sign of the Fall?

Will the banking system make a hard landing or a soft landing after the SVB closure? Are you prepared for whatever comes next?
Silicon Valley Bank logo

More on SVB’s Last 48 Hours

Silicon Valley Bank saw first hand what happens when bank depositors and the financial markets panic.
FDIC logo

Regulators Quickly Shut Down Silicon Valley Bank

The FDIC took over the 16th largest bank in the country after a run on deposits.