Buy Guns Now to Avoid the Run

A row of shotguns in a store
Owning multiple guns doesn't make you dangerous and more than owning multiple cars does.

If you have considered buying a new gun sometime this year, I recommend you jump on it and get it now. The anti-gunners, led by Joe Biden, are doing their utmost to change the laws and make it difficult or impossible for you to buy a new gun. The pressure is rising on Congress to ban assault weapons, and some of the district courts are slow to follow the Supreme Court’s lead. I predict this combination will soon lead to a gun shortage, followed by an ammo shortage.

We’ve been here before. I’ve seen what happens when the threats to ban guns look like they might get real. History will repeat itself and there will be a run on guns, especially assault weapons and compact and subcompact pistol. It will make the recent run on Silicon Valley Bank look small time, and the FDIC won’t be there to bail you out.

Gun Ban Threats

Going back in time, I remember the rush to buy assault weapons before Congress created the original Assault Weapons Ban back in 1994. Don’t think a ban can’t happen. States are banning guns. Congress could, too, if popular opinion turns that way. They did it once and could do it again. Even if the Supreme Court overturns such a ban, it will take two years.

As soon as a gun ban comes out of committee, expect every assault weapon on your dealer’s shelf to sell out within a week. They will restock, but distributors have a limited inventory on hand. Within a month, prices will have jumped $400 for a basic Smith & Wesson black rifle, and you will have to get on a waiting list to purchase a gun.

I also remember when Obama became president and everyone feared gun control was around the corner. Guns flew off the shelves. Sores limited how much ammo you could buy. People lined up outside stores to buy their three boxes of .22LR the day the delivery arrived.

A very similar thing happened during COVID. Spurred by fears and then by civil unrest, a wave of new gun buyers bought guns for self-defense. Then ammo sold out, and we experienced purchase limits again.

My advice: Buy guns now. Stock up on ammo while the prices are decent. If you reload, get primers and powder where you can find them. Put away a few extra magazines, too.

If you are not sure what to buy, then I recommend these two posts:


If you already have enough firearms to meet your needs, then stock up on ammunition. While the prices are not the best I have seen, they are better than they have been for three years. $100 buys you almost twice as many rounds today as it did in 2021, and no one is limiting your purchase.

The first calibers to sell out will be 9mm, 5.56/.223, and .22LR, so stock up on those first.

The 9mm round is the most popular handgun round in the country and the world. Thankfully, it is also one of the least expensive. I recommend you get plenty of FMJ for practice and possibly for barter and some good JHPs for your personal stash.

Of course, most AR-15s are chambered in 5.56, so expect it to be in high demand. In a long-term grid-down WROL scenerion, you will probably need 10 times as much 5.56 as 9mm.

The ever-popular .22LR is also a good choice for stockpiling. I would get a few thousand CCI Mini Mags or other high-end rounds that are unlikely to jam, and then buy plenty of less expensive Remington or other lower-end rounds for practice and barter. In most semi autos I have used, the CCI ammo is the most reliable. Of course, if you have a .22LR revolver, it should shoot any brand.

Beyond the top three calibers, buy ammo based on what guns you have. If you hunt, buy multiple boxes of high-performance hunting rounds for your favorite gun. If you own shotguns, stock up on 12 gauge shells, especially the heavier ones. These sold out quickly during COVID. If you carry a .308, then load up. Don’t forget specialty loads like subsonic .300 blackout.

Beyond Bans

Even if gun bans gain no traction, there are plenty of good reasons to be well prepared in the self-defense department. Violent crime continues to rise. Random violence is growing. There are plenty of threats out there, and in some cases, using a gun may be the only way to avoid becoming a victim.

I don’t care if you carry a 17-round full size 9mm, an 8-round 1911, a six round .32 or afive-shot .38. Any gun is better than no gun when the sh*t hits the fan at close range. Just be sure to practice.

And as we said a year ago, the recent change to Daylight Savings time is a good reminder to inspect and lube your guns, check your batteries, and get some range time.