Border Problems and Unpalatable Solutions

The border wall
Biden stopped the border wall from being completed.

I have cameras on and in my house that send video to my phone every time they detect motion. It also saves the video to the cloud where I can download it or print stills from it later. The cameras have IR bulbs in them and can see in the dark, and like a doorbell camera, I can listen and talk through them.

My interior cameras pan and tilt, allowing me to see an entire room, not just a narrow portion of it. The outside cameras are fixed. I can program the sensitivity, so the tarp on my woodpile fluttering in the wind does not trigger the system but someone walking by or driving up to the house does.

These cameras range from $20 to $50, depending on how sophisticated you want them. Cheap security, at least as long as the power is on. While they are available with solar panels, they need a Wi-Fi signal and my phone needs to have a connection. They won’t be as useful after the SHTF as they are right now.

If I can use this technology to protect my house, why can’t we adapt it for use on the border?

Border Security

If preventing people and drugs from crossing the border is so important, why don’t we set up a long line of cement bunkers, each holding a few thousand rounds of .50 or .30 ammo and a belt-fed machine gun attached to a camera and a tiny computer running a motion detection app. When the camera detects motion, heat, and the shape of a human, the gun would aim at that location and fire three rounds at the source. If the motion continued, it would fire again. If it detected an anomaly, it could send the image to a human who could give the gun permission to engage or tell it to hold off.

We’d set up warning signs, of course, just like in a minefield. Maybe a siren or a warning horn would sound before someone crossed the line, and the gun fired. We could use AI or machine learning to target people and not animals. That way, it wouldn’t shoot the birds who come down to feast on the dead bodies.

I bet it would cut down on illegal border crossing by at least 98 percent, and it would also be cheaper than a wall.

Solar panels could power the whole thing. And if someone breaks through or attacks the bunkers, we can have drones engage them.

Freaking out the Liberals

You might call this cruel, but we need a stricter immigration system than the porous one we have today. We need something other than catch and release. Besides, it is only cruel if someone is stupid enough to test the system. If illegal immigrants knew Title 42 was ending, you can bet that they would quickly learn of the kill zones.

Think of it like convicts in a prison who know guards will shoot them if they try to climb the fence. Very few try it and once is a lessone that lasts.

I expect the liberals will also call it racist, but a system that kills anything that moves isn’t racist. It doesn’t care if the target is Latino, Black, White, Asian, or whatever. It also doesn’t care about their sex, age, or religion. If something moves in the kill zone, it gets shot, regardless of what it identifies as.

Using artificial intelligence on the Southern Borders sounds better than using it to help school children to cheat on homework assignments or newspapers to publish articles without reporters.

An Unpalatable Solution


o, why aren’t we doing this already?

First, because it is unpalatable. No one would seriously endorse it unless we were at war. It would be considered mean, an affront to human rights. I think it is well without the constitutional responsibilities of our federal government.

Second, because no one in Washington cares. We all know the Democrats don’t care about illegal immigration, but it appears most of the Republicans don’t either. They will campaign on the issue, but they won’t vote on it.

Maybe they secretly think we need young immigrants to prop up Social Security and keep our slowing birth rate from dooming the country. But Social Security is doomed in any case. When AI starts replacing jobs, there will be fewer people paying into Social Security. That will make the trust fund run out even sooner.

I don’t blame people for wanting to come to the U.S., but I blame the government for letting them pour in like a flood and for giving them so many of our tax dollars. Free housing, free healthcare, free education, a free phone, etc. All paid for by the tax dollars of citizens who pay for their own housing, healthcare, food and phones.

If we need what some countries call “guest workers,” then let’s come up with a guest worker program. If we want legal immigration, let’s set numbers and stick to them. We should not let refugees pour into our country because of problems elsewhere. It just creates problems here.

Our government should exert some control, and as Lenin said, “one man with a gun can control 100 men without one.” I expect a border lined with autonomous machine guns would control our border pretty darn quickly.