America Facing the Most Crises Since WWII

World on fire
There are so many global conflicts, ts like the world is on fire.

According to Axios, “Former Defense Secretary Bob Gates — who ran the Pentagon under presidents of both parties, George W. Bush and Barack Obama — tells us America is facing the most crises since World War II ended 78 years ago.” They report that this threatens our “bandwith” as the White House can only track and respond to so much at once.

Makes me ask, what about the Pentagon? Isn’t the military better staffed and prepared to deal with multiple conflicts? After all, they managed WWII at a time when there were no computers, satellites, and limited radio communications. Maybe the politicians should stick to setting policy and let the military fight our wars. Meanwhile, let’s hope commanders on the ground and in our ships at sea have rules of engagement that let them protect themselves and their brethren.

Axios reports the country is in a tough spot. “Things could get worse — fast — and require tough actions — fast. And no one knows whether Congress or the public could unite in an emergency.”

We can’t control the government or the globe, but we can control our own actions. Are you ready to react fast to an emergency?

Published 10/20/2023. Read full article.