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Ice hangs from a pipe

Texas Freeze Damage Assessment Continues: Time to do Your Own

As the amount of damage done to lives, livelihoods, houses, business and agriculture continue to climb in Texas, you may want to re-assess your preps.
The Capital. Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay.

The Best Way Preppers Should Spend their Stimulus Check

As Congress creeps closer to yet another stimulus bill, Preppers may be in for a windfall. Here are our suggestions on how to spend it.
chickens free ranging

Prepper Diary February 21: Our Chicken Coop Plans Get Updated

We get some professional advice regarding our chicken coop design and garden layout.
Windmills generating electricity. Photo by Irina Iriser on Unsplash.

Lessons Preppers Can Learn from the Texas Big Freeze

Every disaster should be analyzed to determine what we as preppers can do to survive. Here are some initial thoughts regarding the Texas power outages.
They are coming to take your guns.

When Did American Become a Third World Country?

As the country draws ever closer to socialism, there is one thing keeping us from falling into the quagmire of socialism: Privately owned firearms.
Shop you r local main street instead of online. Image by Stephen Marc from Pixabay.

Don’t Feed the Beast: Why You Should Take Going Galt to...

Are your hard-earned dollars supporting companies with positions you don't agree with? Don't feed the beast! Seek alternative companies and brands.
An oil pump at sunset. Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash.

Bitter Cold Temps, Power Outages, Gas Shortages and How to Prepare...

Thanks to regulators and green energy policy, we can no longer supply enough power to meet peak demand for electricity and natural gas.
A gas burner

Inflation Strikes Again and Energy Prices Spike due to Polar Vortex

Our market disruptions continue, resulting in more supply-and demand imbalances and rising inflation. Cold temps exacerbate the problem and send natural gas prices soaring
A Water Treatment Plant

How and Where to Get Your Water After the SHTF

So you have stored food, great! But how are you prepped for water? And what would you do without the sewer system? Keep reading for answers and options.
Man inspecting his carbine

Why You Should Inspect Your Guns Regularly

If you are trapped indoors due to ice or snow, take some time to inspect, clean and oil your firearms.