Quarantine Day 30

homemade pizza
The stay home stay safe movement is giving us time to bake and make meals from scratch.

We switched things up a bit today.  I usually make brunch for my wife and me, often including bacon and usually featuring eggs.  Today, my wife made a sweet potato and hominy hash which we had with toast made from freshly baked bread and fried eggs, letting the hot yellow yolks run all over it.  Yum!

In return, I made dinner, which she usually does, and we had homemade pepperoni pizza featuring my own dough and some mozzarella cheese my wife had stashed in the freezer.   I made the dough using a recipe that called for baking powder, and it did rise some, but I think next time I’m going to use yeast and let it rest and rise like bread.  That should make a lighter crust. 

Today was also my weekly visit to the post office, which I have written about before.  It was the first time I had driven anywhere in a week.  It felt surprisingly liberating.  It was nice just to see some different scenery, even if it was familiar roads I used to drive down multiple times per week.  You can really see how quickly spring is coming upon us when you only leave the house once a week.  I waved to a few random strangers along the road, which is what you do out in the country, and they all waved back.  I think we’re all glad to know that life elsewhere goes on and that we are not stuck in the Twilight Zone.

We passed some time this evening watching three episodes of M*A*S*H that I recorded on the DVR some months back when one channel station had a M*A*S*H marathon.  Those show hold up pretty well, even 30 or 40 years later. 

The Coronavirus Peak

Our state officials believe that the Peak is supposed to hit us in a few days.  This is important because we’re tentatively planning to go to Sam’s Club to restock.  We are blessed to have both a Sam’s Club and a Costco within 40 minutes of our house, so we look at our list and decide where to go.  Costco has some things we can’t get at Sam’s Club and vice versa.  We’ve settled on Sam’s Club, the only question is when. 

I wanted to go this week, but my wife suggested we wait another week, until after the peak passes.  I’m not sure it will make any difference, but better safe than sorry.  Now we have to try to decide what time is the best time of day to go.  I have a business account, so I’m thinking early morning when only business customers are allowed in. I’m planning to go alone and I’ll wear a mask, safety glasses, and probably gloves. 

The great thing about Sam’s Club is that they have an app where you can scan the item’s UPC code as you add it to your cart and you can then checkout online via credit card.  That means you don’t have to deal with anyone face-to-face.  I’ve used this app prior to the pandemic and once you get your credit card info in there, it’s fast and easy. 

So that’s the plan.  I’ll report back once we make the trip. 

Dangerous Storm Expected

We’re in the path of a major storm that has already spawned tornadoes and killed people in the deep south.   We spent some time today charging batteries, filling up 5-gallon water containers and doing any critical chores that require power.  My wife policed up the yard, picking up any loose items that might blow around.  If we don’t post on Monday, you’ll know that we’ve been hit by a power outage.  My wife has been saving a 1,000 piece puzzle.  If we’re without power, we’ll be re-reading books, doing the puzzle and probably going to bed early.

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