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peaceful protesters in Minneapolis

Riots During an Epidemic

There are risks associated with protesting during an epidemic as crowds and shouting can increase the spread, but participants would probably point out the risks associated with doing nothing in the face of injustice.

May 30 Coronavirus Report: Brazil Drives Global Growth

The continued spread of coronavirus across the globe will likely have lasting consequences for global tourism and trade.
Blueberries. Photo by Jeremy Ricketts on Unsplash

Coronavirus Hits Farm Workers

Berries are just some of the fruits and vegetables that may be in short supply this year as more farm workers are diagnosed with COVID-19.
Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Map from 5/30/20

May 30 Coronavirus Report: Global Spread Increases

Global growth of the coronavirus accelerated overnight as the pandemic continues to spread outside of Europe.
Dow Jones six month view

May 29 Coronavirus Report: The Economic Toll Rises

While the coronavirus retreats in the United States, economic news gets worse and worse.
empty shelves at Walmart

Quarantine Day 76 – Still Shortages

While Walmart was clean and well managed, there were a surprising number of empty shelves 10 or 11 weeks after the first panic buying.
Rio d Janeiro, Brazil, where COVID-19 cases are climbing. Photo by Julianna Kaiser on Unsplash

May 28 Coronavirus Report: Brazil Tops Charts

While American holds its breath, hoping the coronavirus is in retreat, it continues to tear through Brazil, which now has 400,000 cases.
Welcome back sign in store windwo. Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

Quarantine Day 75: Our Accomplishments

We've had more than two months locked in, so did you use y our time well or waste it?
Map of US showing deaths

May 27 Coronavirus Report: The Two Faces of The Coronavirus

The coronavirus has hit hard in some states, killing tens of thousands, while in most states deaths still number in the hundreds. We must address it locally, not nationally.
A bride and groom wearing surgical masks. Photo by mulugeta wolde on Unsplash.

May 26 Coronavirus Report: Deaths Decline

The coronavirus continues to spread globally even as cases in the U.S. slow in most states.