May 26 Coronavirus Report: Deaths Decline

A bride and groom wearing surgical masks. Photo by mulugeta wolde on Unsplash.
When wearing something blue at your wedding means a surgical mask.

Reported cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. increased by 19,100 in the past 24 hours, an increase of 1.1 percent.  Deaths were up by 416 to 98,191, the lowest level since March.

The curve continues to head down, even as some states see slight upticks and Virginia reported a record number of new cases and some medical professionals and the media wring their hands about a lack of social distancing at recent Memorial Day weekend activities. Others say that an uptick in cases and hospitalizations is expected and that reopening will continue despite it.

The New York Times shows an increase in the number of states that they rate as “New cases are increasing” as seen in our update chart:

States with increasing cases vs steady
The New York Times reports a recent increase in the number of states where cases of COVID-19 are increasing.

You can see that after a significant improvement in the middle of the month, numbers have slipped slightly. 

Globally, there were an additional 86,000 cases reported worldwide, a decrease after three days of 100,000 or more.  Deaths worldwide climbed by only 1,406.  Meanwhile, the WHO reminds us that we are still in the middle of the first wave with cases growing globally.  Brazil and India, in particular, continue to struggle with rising infections.

To help put today’s numbers into perspective, you can look back at yesterday’s report or a week ago, when the U.S. passed first surpassed 1.5 million cases.