May 30 Coronavirus Report: Global Spread Increases

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Map from 5/30/20
Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Map from 5/30/20

Reported cases of the coronavirus in the U.S. were up by 24,500 in the past 24 hours, an increase of 1.4 percent to 1,754,700.  There were 1,167 deaths over the same time period, bringing the total death count to 102,812.

Globally, the number of COVID-19 cases climbed by 108,000 in the past 24 hours to a total of 5.958 million while the death toll rose to 365,593. 

Here is our weekly report on global case growth:

Week over Week Global Growth of COVID-19
As COVID-19 cases drop in countries that had early outbreaks, such as Italy and Spain, there are many countries where the spread is still growing at a rapid pace. Data from Johns Hopkins.

Note that China, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel and Japan have been removed from our list because their rate of growth is 3 percent or less and they are no longer a significant contributor to global growth.  Spain, Italy, France and Germany were left on simply because they are still in the top 10 and add perspective.

Many new countries were added to the chart this week as the virus has spread with increasing rapidity in South America, the Subcontinent and into Africa.

This table clearly illustrates how the coronavirus may be waning in countries like Spain and Italy, which once topped the chart in terms of growth, while still experiencing rapid growth in Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, and Columbia.  One could argue that we are seeing a similar pattern in the United States where some states see growth of 3 percent while others still experience growth rates in the teens or above.

This further demonstrates how difficult it will be to suppress global growth of the coronavirus, which continues to see larger and larger numbers of cases every day.

To put today’s numbers in perspective, you cal look back a week or a month, which U.S. deaths had just topped 60,000.

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