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The yellow blooms of forthysia herald the coming of spring

Spring Shows Up For a Few Days, the Tease

The yellow blooms of forsythia in the valley below us herald the coming of spring, but our mountain locations keeps it at bay.
cash register drawer

Inflation on the Rise Across Multiple Segments

As costs rise at the cash register, your money becomes worth less and less. Inflation is rising for multiple reasons and you need to act quickly to beat it.
Sign saying parking is reserved for the vaccine clinic only.

COVID-19 Bounces Back in the U.S. Signaling Possible Start to a...

As COVID-19 case numbers rise again, we may be witnessing the end of the hope and excitement about a return to "normal" by summer.
Framing diagram for the front of our chicken coop

Planning, Flooring and Framing Out our Chicken Coop

Framing a simply structure like our chicken coop sounds easy, but it is also an easy way to introduce all kinds of errors. Proper planning helps keep it square, plumb and true.
An AR15 style modern sporting rifle.

The Foolishness of Attempts to Ban So-Called Ghost Guns

Attempting to ban or regulate Ghost Guns is a useless motion gun grabbers are going through. Criminals will get guns no matter what, just like the got alcohol in the 1920s and drugs in the 1990s.
Jerusalem in Israel. Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay.

Two Actions Today Moved the World a Step Closer to War

It's all well and good to prepare for natural disasters and an economic collapse, but war is a constant in our history. Don't neglect to prepare for it.
Facebook crossed out

Social Media is Killing us Softly; How to Limited Your Risk

After three months, I dip my toe back into the social media stream and I remember why I left: social media is a big part of what is wrong with society.
A corner H-brace

Outdoor Work Resumes as the Weather Warms Again

Warm, dry weather means its time to work outdoors, so we recently picked up where we had left off with the garden fencing project.
The island of Manhattan. Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash.

New York City may be our Canary in the COVID Mine

For decades, miners would bring canaries into coal mines to act as an early warning system for carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. NYC may be our early warning system for COVID-19.
A woman shopping at a boutique hile wearing a face mask. Photo by Arturo Rey on Unsplash

COVID Retreats in U.S., Continues to March Across Europe

The U.S. continues to ramp of vaccine production and distribution while Europe sees a new wave of COVID-19 cases begin to build.