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blackberry blossoms and buds.

Prepper Diary: A Chilly and Somber Memorial Day

Why do we say "Happy Memorial Day?" Shouldn't it be a more somber holiday? This year the weather was cold enough that no one on the East Coast felt like celebrating the start of summer.
Polymer 80 box

Time to Buy an 80-percent Receiver and Build a Ghost Gun

Gun sales are soaring. Ammo is in short supply. The Democrats want to ban your guns. The ATF wants to increase regulation. Sounds like its time to buy a gun,
Flinders Street Station in Melbourne VIC, Australia.

COVID May be Over in the U.S., But Repercussions Persist

While U.S. cases of COVID-19 and the positive test continue to reach new lows, other countries are still experiencing surges and entering lockdowns.
plants in ports

Prepper Diary May 28: When is a Weed not a Weed

With the weather improving and the sun shining again, we embark on a host of gardening and other outdoor activities
Danner Boots

Prep for your Feet — Good Footwear is Critical for Preppers

I like to think of footwear a shelter for my feet. My boots should keep my feet warm, dry and protected, just like my house.
Ryobi inverter and 18-volt battery

Using the Ryobi Inverter for Stop-Gap Emergency Power

It's small. It's not very powerful, but the price was right. This mini-inverter adds another layer in our preps.
The OPSol Mini-Clip

We Test Aguila Minishells and OPSol Mini-clip in the Mossberg Shockwave

At our last day, we tested a trifecta: The Mossberg Shockwave, outfitted with the OPSol Mini-Clip, shooting the Aguila Minishells.
Fist pump

Ending our Weekly COVID-19 Report with a Victory

When Charlie Sheen famously said "Winning!" it came back to bite him, but we're still declaring victory over COVID-19. For now, at least.
Rail yard

Get Prepared Now for Infrastructure Failures Leading to Collapse

It's not just our food supply that is vulnerable to disruption. Our critical infrastructure is vulnerable and could isolate cities.
An empty soup shelf from May 2020

Problems in the Food Supply Chain Causes Shortages, Price Increases

Empty grocery store shelves are so last year... or are they? As food service at restaurants and hotels restarts, expect more food supply disruptions.