Prepper News Update August 7


Volcanoes and Tsunamis

Volcanoes remain a hidden threat to the global supply chain, according to this article.  Things seem to be heating up seismically around the world.

Drought Shuts Down Hydropower Plant

We warned that the drought in the western states could cause hydropower plants to cease generating electricity.  The first such shut down occurred earlier this week in Lake Oroville in California.

Threats of War Heat up Between Iran and Israel

The U.S. and others blame Iran for using a Kamikaze attack drone on an Israeli-owned tanker, killing two.  Iran denies it, of course, but no one believes them.  Adding to the mix, Hezbollah fired 19 missiles at Israel, the most since the 2006 war.  Hezbollah in Lebanon is backed by Iran, which supplies it with missiles and rockets.  Expect this conflict to heat up further.