Prepper News Update October 29


Blame it on Green Energy

This detailed and on-target article describes how countries that committed to green energy at the expense of coal and nuclear as sources of fuel are no facing energy shortages this winter, meaning a lack of fuel to heat homes and commercial spaces. According to the author, Germany “risks suffering from the coldest and darkest winter this year” after shutting down the bulk of its nuclear power plants, even though nuclear power does not produce greenhouse gasses.

We’ve been blaming the energy shortage on the push for green energy for months, and its becoming a more common theme. Expect to read about it in the mainstream media more often as we predict it will become is a trending topic as temperatures drop.

Ambulance Services Short on Workers

COVID-19 is getting the blame, but I think the real reason is that you can make about the same hourly wage working at Walmart. This is another essential job where people feel they aren’t paid enough to deal with the hassles associated with the job.

Many NYC Police and Fire Department Officers May Be Sent Home

Up to a quarter of all NYPD officers could be sent home without pay because they have not received the COVID-19 vaccine, according to this article from the New York Daily News. The Police Benevolent sued the city to keep the mandate from being enforced and lost. Without some sort of deal, New York may see fewer cops on the street.

The head of the New York firefighter’s Union instructed its members to report to work despite the mandate and force the city to send them home. He predicted that 30 to 40 percent of the firehouses in the city will shutter if the mayor sticks to the mandate.

COVID Cases Drop in U.S., Worsen Overseas

The up-and-down, rollercoaster chart of COVID-19 cases shows a drop of almost 60 percent in the U.S., but fresh waves are still building overseas, with concerns about a new variant in the UK. With more than 40,000 cases in Russia on Wednesday, Moscow officials shut down all non-essential services in the city to stop the spread of the virus.

In China, they locked down some six million people across three cities as the country tries to stomp out the virus prior to the Winter Olympics which are now less than 100 days away. The difference between cases is Russia and China is enormous. While Russia is dealing with tens of thousands of reported cases, China is only dealing with dozens.