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violence and war

Ringing in 2022 with Some Depressing Predictions

Happy New Year, but don't get your hopes up. Our 2022 predictions for 2022 say it will be expensive, dangerous, and depressing.
Used merchandise at a flea market. Photo by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash.

Potential Underground Jobs and Opportunities after the SHTF

What will you do when the financial system collapses, the banks close, the stock market shuts down, and businesses close?
The omicron variant is sending COVID cases skyrocketing across the country.

COVID hits Close to Home

The omicron variant is sending COVID cases skyrocketing across the country, including our family members, so we decide to stay close to home.
A Christmas nativity scene, Photo by Al Elmes on Unsplash.

A Country Christmas Weekend

We celebrate Christmas at home and take it easy over the weekend.

Merry Christmas!

I’d like to wish my readers a merry Christmas.  I’ll be spending a few days with family, eating ham with all the fixin's, and...
old dimes and quarters

Silver Dealer Tries to Charge me an Enormous Premium

I run into a rude coin dealer who apparently doesn't need my cash. Be an educated consumer and knowing when to walk away from a bad deal.
prepper news update

Prepper News Update: War Drums and Crime Waves

Russia Threatens to go Nuclear Over Ukraine We’ve discussed the possibility that Russia might invade Ukraine. I think it would be a mistake and it...
An empty soup shelf from May 2020

The Dangers of Running out of Stuff

Will the world as we know it come crashing down because of supply chain shortages? It's certainly possible as shortages may persist for years.
We go into Self Quarantine to prevent COVID-19 infection

Have they learned nothing about COVID since 2020?

We are entering the third year of the COVID pandemic and the government is doubling down on the same tactics that didn't stop COVID last time.
Canned goods from Sam's Club

Inflation on my Recent Sam’s Club Visit Hits 15 Percent

Inflation has hit food prices at Sam's Club, driving up items we buy between 6 and 35 percent for an average price increase of 15 percent.