Have they learned nothing about COVID since 2020?

We go into Self Quarantine to prevent COVID-19 infection
We go into Self Quarantine to prevent COVID-19 infection

I continue to be amazed at all the doom and gloom about the new Omicron variation of COVID-19. Suddenly, the news is full of school closings, test kit shortages, overwhelmed hospitals, and dire forecasts of one million dead. Yet there still is little or no proof that this variation is any more dangerous than the flu. Hospitalization and COVID deaths are well below last year’s levels.

Later today, President Biden will address the nation, probably to encourage all of us to get vaccines and boosters. I doubt it will do any good. If people believe in the vaccine, they would have gotten it already. If people don’t want to, a presidential threat won’t change their mind.

Why are they Unprepared?

When it comes to lines to get tests in New York City, I have to ask, what have they been doing? COVID comes and goes in waves. Why are they not prepared for this wave? Did they believe their own spin? That question applies to the Federal government as well.

Vice President Harris said the new variants caught the government by surprise. The White House immediately tried to correct her and spin that comment into something more positive. Sounds like she spoke the truth, even if it was a truth the Biden Administration didn’t like. The secret is out: The emergence of Omicron caught the Biden Administration by surprise. Why? Because they focused so much effort on forcing people to get vaccinated that no one was prepared for a variant that seems to ignore the vaccine and result in large numbers of breakthrough cases.

In New York City, it was much the same. The city was so busy threatening unvaccinated police officers and firefighters that they didn’t do enough to prepare for the next wave. Now they are caught by surprise, and no mandate is going to stop the spread. If masks and mandates were a good solution, we would have stopped COVID-19 in 2020. If vaccines were going to solve the problem, we would not have this latest outbreak where cases double every couple of days.

Their Credibility is Crashing

As we enter the third year of COVID, the credibility of our leaders and our medical professionals at the national level is dropping. They have been wrong at almost every turn. They have celebrated victory, only to see it erased by a new variant. Then they promoted herd immunity, only to keep upping the numbers. While approving expensive vaccines that are not fully tested, they try to squash the off-label use of drugs that are working well in other countries. They make predictions that fail to happen. I think a group of gibbering monkeys with a few darts and a dartboard could make better policy.

Fear is The Virus

Americans who believe in freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility are the natural enemy of socialists. People who believe in private property, working hard, and getting ahead are people whose money they want to redistribute. People who own guns, are patriots, and act in their own best interests scare the socialists and leftists.

The government wants you scared and weak. They want you broke and dependent on them. They don’t want you to think for yourself because then you might vote for someone else. This new Omicron push is just another attempt to move you from the strong, independent group into the weak, fearful group. Don’t let them succeed.