Trying to Find the Truth in Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories sometimes contain the truth or obscure it.
Conspiracy theories sometimes contain the truth or obscure it.

Here are some idea that I would consider to be conspiracy theories, until you stop, look around, and think twice. The coincidences are so many that some of these ides, which might sound outlandish, begin to make you go “Hmm.”

Why are we sharing this on a prepping blog? Because we have to be prepared for anything. Just remember, many of the things that have been called “conspiracy theories” or “Russian disinformation” have since been proven true.

I’m here to tell you to help prep, not here to tell you what to believe, but you should at least know what people are saying. It’s always good to consider both sides of a story and ask “who benefits.”

Biden Could have Stopped the Ukrainian War

THEORY: President Biden turned down a deal in December that could have prevented the war. All he had to do was promise to keep Ukraine from joining NATO and not to place nuclear weapons in the country. Since none of this was in the cards, this would have been an easy deal. He turned it down because he wants a war to (pick one) distract the voting public from his terrible performance as president, to weaken Russia in a proxy war, or because the Green Deal people and the WEF want a world with fewer people in it and war and global starvation are one the way to accomplish that.

The war also gives Biden someone to blame for inflation, which is why his administration has repeatedly blamed the rising inflation and gas prices on Putin.

He doesn’t want the War to End

THEORY: The reason the Biden Administration did not allow the transfer of the Polish airplanes to Ukraine and will not supply them with so-called “offensive weapons” is because they want to extend the fighting. Keeping Russia tied up, consuming their limited munitions, and costing them billions in equipment losses that will take years to rebuild works in our favor.

Note that when the Biden Administration talks about helping the Ukraine, they say their goal is to bring both parties to a peaceful resolution. They don’t say they want to help Ukraine win the war. If they did, they would send them tanks.

The Food Shortage is no Accident

THEORY: There are powerful forces that want to create a massive famine in which millions or even billions of poor people die. This would not only help clear the way for the elite to better access the natural resources in Africa (where famine will hit very hard) and other countries, but a smaller population will help cut emissions of greenhouse gasses and other pollutants. This cabal believes that the only way to save Earth is to eliminate people, especially poor people who live in Red states and countries the elites don’t care about.

When you look at all the government actions that have contributed to the coming food crisis, you can see why some people think it must be intentional.

The food shortage is just the latest shot in their attempt to cut down on the population. COVID-19 was an earlier attempt, but it failed, killing only 6.1 million people. That’s why they created the vaccines which will give people cancer, infertility, heart problems, immune deficiencies, HIV, and/or sudden death.

QAnon was Right

THEORY: Pedpohiles are in positions of Power. Have you noticed that ever since the Democrats have taken over, pedophilia has become more prominent? It’s more than a creepy old guy sniffing your kid’s hair; its university professors proclaiming child love is OK, Disney grooming your kids, and the Left trying to make it acceptable by implementing sex ed and gender modification conversations into the classroom, often as early as first or second grade.

By talking about these things as if they are acceptable, by calling it “child love” instead of sexual abuse of a child, they are trying to make it more socially acceptable. They will try to chip away at the barriers little by little until one day, the barrier isn’t there. The left has already succeeded in making drug use normal and legal, in making police the enemy, and changing how history and racism are perceived. “Child love” could be next.

UFOs are Real

THEORY: Aliens are real and may live among us. I’m not talking about those from South of the border that our pouring into our country, but the kind Scully and Mulder were chasing down. With the releases of military files on UFOs and new video evidence of flying craft that move in ways that defy not only gravity but our current level of technology, you have to wonder what the government is trying to prepare us for. Like pedophilia, there seems to be an attempt to normalize or at least de-mystify the possibility that aliens from another planet have visited us and continue to do so.

Why Conspiracy Theories Matter

As preppers, we must keep our finger on the pulse of the country so we can prepare for what others might consider an unexpected emergency. We must evaluate and sort out what the mainstream media tells us and what the conspiracy theories say to find the truth. At times, it may lie at one extreme or the other, but sometimes truth lies somewhere in the middle. Thus you must be aware of these theories, whether or not you believe them.

For example, some would tell you that the rising price of gasoline is President Biden’s fault because he shut down the Keystone Pipeline, banned new drilling permits, and worked to penalize and replace oil and gas while incentivizing and funding the development of green energy. Others would try to convince you this is a conspiracy theory. It’s up to you to decide what to believe and how that will affect your prepping and your other plans.

There may also come a time where it pays off to know and be able to spout back the other side’s argument. You may think Black Lives Matter is a corrupt organization, but if you get caught up in one of their protests, it may help you avoid trouble if can “say their names.” (I believe in avoidance but I am prepared to move quickly to extreme violence if avoidance fails and there is no other choice.)

Be aware of what is happening in the wider world. Russia isn’t the only country that practices propaganda. Form your own judgments. Make your own decisions. You can only act in your best interests of you know what is going on.