The Government is Lying to Us

politician who's nose is growing
A politician who's nose is growing

Yesterday, I wrote about how the government doesn’t want us to know we are heading into a recession. These are the same people who told us inflation would be transitory, promised us the withdrawal from Afghanistan would go smoothly, and claim there is no crisis at the border. They are assisted in keeping secrets and telling lies by the mainstream media who refused to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story in the month leading up to the election, who claim Russians helped Trump steal the election from Clinton, and downplay or spin every negative story, something they would never have done for a republican administration. These lies and disinformation are also promoted by social media, which go so far as to censor conflicting viewpoints and ban people who dare to say otherwise.

Gee, it’s getting to where you can’t believe anything they say.

More Lies

Here are some other things they are lying about:

  • There is no danger from a nuclear attack, and we have not changed our nuclear standing in the face of Putin’s aggressive rhetoric. If this is true, then Biden should be impeached, but that’s their story and they are sticking with it because to do otherwise would panic the public. They’d rather have us calm and manageable than digging backyard bomb shelters and stocking up on saltines, peanut butter and bottled water.
  • While there will be a global food shortage, we don’t have to worry about it in the U.S. They say this to reassure people and offset panic buying, stockpiling and the ever-dreaded hoarding. What they don’t tell you is that while there may be food, you won’t be able to afford it. Food pantries are already seeing an uptick in customers as food inflation hurts those on the lower rungs of the economic scale and people on fixed incomes.
  • Ukraine is winning the war. While the resolve and performance of Ukraine forces has been a positive surprise, they are not winning the war. They aren’t exactly losing it either, but the media is carrying a great deal of water by promoting pro-Ukraine propaganda and ignoring the thousands of military targets in Ukraine that Russian missile and air attacks have destroyed. Without the U.S. and NATO feeding them weapons, intelligence, and training, Ukraine would have lost by now. The United States is using the Ukrainians to test new weapons, see how Russia fights and how their weapons perform, and to drain Russia’s military might and money. The Soviet Union collapsed in part because they could not keep up the military technology and spending of the United States. Looks like we are re-using a page from that playbook.

Why Politicians Lie

Politicians lie because they fear the people and lying helps control the populace. They lie to protect their jobs and their power. They lie to preserve the status quo, because they perceive anything else as a threat. It’s much easier to repeat what you want to be true over and over again until people believe it rather than to explain what is really going on. Sadly, much of the voting public doesn’t care, as long as their government checks keep arriving.

The problem is that President Biden seems to believe the lies. He is supposedly confounded as to why the American public is not happy about all the jobs that have been added since he became president, ignoring the skyrocketing inflation. Most people in senior government positions are wealthy don’t do their own grocery shopping and have drivers that take them from point A to Point B in cushy government vehicles. They are unaffected and unaware of the price of gas and groceries.

The far left lies in pursuit of power and control. They want you to do things their way, even if their way leads to ruin, even if it ignores common sense.

The current administration also lies because it can. There is no one holding it accountable, except for a few organizations like Project Veritas. The media dives them a pass and rarely tries to give you the other side of the story.

Even smaller governments lie because the elected officials are people, and many people find lying is easier than accepting responsibility for their actions.

They Don’t Care About You

At the end of the day, neither the government nor the politicians care about you. They don’t care if you die in a nuclear fireball because they will be tucked away in an underground bunker your tax dollars built. They don’t care if you starve to death because they are like Marie Antoinette and do not know the cost of bread. At the local level, they don’t care if they raise your property taxes so high you can’t afford to live there. To an elected official, you are a voter that matters once every two to four years and can be safely ignored the rest of the time. They don’t care if they have to size your land to put in a highway or build a stadium.

Our politicians may not care, but they do fear you. Not you individually, but the collective “us.” We the people, who can march on the governor’s mansions or the capitol buildings with torches and pitchforks. We the people, who have had enough of this incompetence and will vote them out of office. So they lie to us, tell us all is well, and promise us that bread and circuses will continue. Many people believe them, because to do otherwise would require thinking for themselves and breaking out of their normalcy bias.

No matter how friendly, attractive, helpful, and promising that person running for election appears to be, they will be corrupted by Washington, by the unending flow of money, and by the desire to get re-elected. They have an agenda, and you are not on it. Their agenda is to gain power, prestige, and money. If that requires running roughshod over you and your rights, they will. And then they will lie about it and pretend to care.

Take Care of You and Yours

When it comes down to it, you have to take care of yourself. You have to raise your children by yourself, put a roof over your head by yourself, and put food on the table by yourself. The government isn’t there to help; they are there to make your job harder, to tell you want you can’t do and throw up other roadblocks, and to tax your income so you have less.

The government isn’t going to help you get ahead; they’d prefer to keep you down where you can’t cause any trouble. If you want to get ahead, you have to do it yourself. In spite of them. Be independent. (The socialists hate that!)

My approach is to ignore the government and hope it ignores me. I live in a poor county with minimal government. We live on land with no zoning. I try to have as little to do with local law enforcement as possible. If I had school-age kids, I would keep them out of public school. I try to give the long arm of the government as little reason to interact with me, regulate me, and tax me as possible.

Question Everything

I am also cynical. Much of what Biden says I find laughable; he has always been a gaffe-prone doofus and age has done nothing but made him worse. I think Jen Psaki is a blatant liar and should be ashamed of herself. I take nothing said by a politician for granted or at face value, even one I nominally support. Too many of them lie on the evening news for me to trust them.

It’s clear to me that our Federal government is screwed up. The biggest danger the country faces are our elected officials, of both parties. I’d like to start over, but I don’t see that happening barring a massive TEOTWAWKI event. Maybe that makes me a collapsitarian.

I expect our country will continue to decay and decline and our government will continue to lie about it. It we don’t destroy ourselves in some calamitous event, I think we will destroy ourselves just as thoroughly but much more slowly, dragged down by lying, duplicitous, self-indulgent, politicians and government officials who are unable to see beyond the next election, have no concept of honor, and are out for themselves.


  1. We have deep rot , and the decay is only spreading. Nothing we are doing now is stopping the rot from spreading.

    I have no faith that we will change the direction of this country, brace yo self fools

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