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A U.S. F35 stealth fighter.

British Deploy Fighter Aircraft to Civilian Airports

The British Air Force has decided to redeploy its Typhoon and F-35 fighter aircraft to regional airports to avoid attack.
the definition of autarky

Setting up Autarkic Societies after the SHTF

We should look at history when it comes to setting up self-sufficient social units and communities after the SHTF.
A soup kitchen during the great depression

Powell Jumps on the Recession Train – Are you Ready?

The Fed's plan to fight inflation will cause "some pain," but is the country prepared for a recession? Are you?
Prepper News Update

Civil War May be Breaking Out In Baghdad

Riots in the Green Zone led to running gun battles and rocket attacks with multiple deaths and many injuries reported.
A Tesla on the side of a mountain road.

Hey Green Energy, the Joke’s on You

California will prohibit new gas and diesel cars in 2035. That's bad news for preppers, and probably for all Californians.
Presidents Biden and Obama

Government Lies and When You Should Start to Worry

Don't trust the government. They will lie to your face and justify it as being for your own good.
Very large fnas

When the SHTF, it will be Worse that you Expect

When the SHTF its going to be uglier than we expect, and there will be no one left to send air or help pick up the pieces.
making a list

Advanced Prepping: Beyond Food and Water

After your cupboards are full and your store room is packed, it's time to move on to advance planning and prepping.
black pipe in my pick up bed

Inflation on the Homestead

Inflation affects everything we buy for the homestead, but shopping around can pay off. Food and dining out are getting shockingly expensive.
Brown crops in a dry field.

Europe is Facing its Worst Drought in at Least 500 Years

Europe's drought is affecting crop yields, hyrdropower generation and inland shipping.