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the aftermath of a police shooting.

Important Lessons from Police Badge Cam Videos

What can you learn from watching police badge cam videos of shootouts? Plenty! Pete breaks it down with examples.
W.D. Cooper's Boston Tea Party engraving

Why Vigilantes are a Good Thing

Self-defense, self-determination, and resistance to tyranny have long been part of the American tradition.
The Fifth circuit Court of Appeals just granted an injunction in the pistol brace rule, but only for some people.

Big Last Minute Wins in the Pistol Brace Lawsuits

It's been a bad week in court for government agencies and a good week for those of us opposed to the ATF's pistol brace rule.
Did you spot the ammo can?

Making the Most of May Weather on the Homestead

Despite rain and sudden cold snaps, May weather is some of the best we will see on the homestead for working outside.
My latest project, an AR-15 style pistol

One Week Left for Pistol Brace Deadline

The grace period for compliance with the ATF's pistol brace rule goes into effect in a week, ready or no. Here are Pete's plans.
Satellite dish

Senators are Taking Precautions – Should you be Worried?

Senators are being outfitted with satellite communications in case of a "disruptive event." The rest of us have to prepare for ourselves.
The border wall

Border Problems and Unpalatable Solutions

We could stop illegal immigration over the Southern Border pretty easily, but no one has the balls to do what it takes.
San Francisco Bridge

We are Beating San Francisco

Quality of life is where my little Podunk village and our economically depressed county outshine San Francisco and all the other big cities.
This is a DoD photo of a patriot missiles system based in Turkey ten years ago. While we don't have photos of the Patriot battery in Ukraine, it shook look similar.

Patriot System in Ukraine Shoots Down Russian Hypersonic Missiles

The U.S. Patriot missile system in Ukraine not only survived its first trial by fire, it passed with flying colors and made the Russians look bad.
A rare breed trigger

WARNING: The ATF is Testing Confiscation

ATF going door-to-door to confiscate gun parts. Is this a test case or a preview of what gun confiscation will look like in the future?