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A Glock pistol and its loaded magazine.

My New Carry Gun

Pete takes the plunge and goes with a 9mm and a pistol-mounted optic, proving that old preppers can learn new tricks.
To some people, connectivity is everything.

Now we have to Worry About an “Internet Apocalypse”

Some people apparently fear the loss of the Internet more than the fear a global power outage. Increase sun activity could cause both.
Lots of bees

Lots of Bees, Not Much Honey

I have plenty of bees, but little honey. We are all waiting for something to bloom besides wildflowers and clover so the honey flow can start.
Electric meter

Big Chance of Power Outages as Heat Rises

Two-thirds of Americans could suffer from blackouts this summer as extreme heat challenges the under-powered U.S. electrical grid.
Two cases of Hormel chili

Don’t Overlook this when Stocking your Prepper Pantry

It's one of the favorite foods in Pete's Prepper Pantry barbecue it is flavorful, can be served with rice or cornbread, and has important nutrients.
packets of drink mixes

Beyond Water – Survival Beverages for Bugging Out

Preppers concentrate so much on water, but sometimes there is value in going beyond water or even enhancing it.
prepper news update

Will Warrant for Wagner Head Plunge Russia into civil War

Martial law has been declared in Moscow and an arrest warrant has been issued for Yevgeny Prigozhin, the outspoken owner of the Wagner Group
Drought Monitor map

Lack of Rain in Corn Belt Threatens Crops

The drought monitor map released 6/22/23 shows that California is no longer facing drought conditions, but the Midwest is.
Our pullets are not pleased with the wet weather

The Great Chicken Escape

More than half of our young Black Star chickens escaped over night, and we don't know why or if they will do it again.
A woman blows her nose while sick in bed.

How to Minimize Illness After the SHTF

Today, strep throat or a minor infection are easily dealt with. That won't be the case after a SHTF incident when there are no doctors or hospitals.