Will Warrant for Wagner Head Plunge Russia into civil War

prepper news update
prepper news update

The Wall Street Journal and other mainstream media are reporting that martial law has been declared in Moscow and that an arrest warrant has been issued for Yevgeny Prigozhin, the outspoken owner of the Wagner Group. he head of the paramilitary organization apparently took his comments one step too far after and is now being accused of mutiny after he told his troops to over throw Russia’s military leadership.

As Prigozhin and his troops march to the city of Rostov, which serves as the southern regional headquarters of Russia’s military there have been some reports of fighting. Check Telegram and Twitter for breaking news.

Will this be resolved quickly or will it result in an internal conflict where Russian mercenaries fight Russian troops? In the latter case, will this result in rebellion elsewhere in the country, or will it give Ukraine an opening to attack while the military is distracted? We should know more in the next day or two.

Published 6/23/2023. Read full article.