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Butchering a chicken isn't easy for the new homesteader.

Butchering and Processing Chickens on the Homestead

Homesteading lesson on butchering chickens results in some insightful findings for potential future homesteader
COVID-19 is back.

Inside the Coming COVID Crackdown

The government is trying to bring back the fear of COVID, leveraging it to gain control of the populace. Don't let them.
Hurricane Idalia's projected path as of 7 a/,/ 8/28/23.

Hurricane Idalia Heads to Florida

Hurricane season is definitely picking as Hurricane Idalia heads to the West Coast of Florida, looking to come ashore Wednesday with winds as high as 115 mph.
Teamsters strike signage

Unions Gain Bargaining Power as Strike Threats Drive Up Pay

Unions are have The pendulum has swung towards the unions which have had success negotiating significantly higher pay for members.
Vivek Ramaswamy drew a lot of fire at the Republican debate.

My View on the Republican Debate Results

This week's Republican debate has little to do with prepping, but it's a nice change from talking about war, famine, pestilence and collapse.
The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor may have been the catalyst of the United States to enter WWII, but the war began more than two years prior when Germany invaded Poland.

The Start of the Next World War

Will historian consider February 24, 2022, the start of World War III? Conditions seem ripe for the war in Ukraine to spread.
This homemade feeder is designed to allow bees to open feed on pollen substitute without letting it get rained on or blown away by heavy wind.

Making a Bee Resupply Run Across the State

It's getting close to honey harvest time, and time to help our bee colonies get prepared for the long, cold winter.
The eye of Hurricane Hillary.

Hillary to Smack California

Forecasts call for Hurricane Hillary to come aground in the Baja peninsula and continue North through San Diego, bringing flash flooding with it.
A homestead girl with goats

Before you Start Homesteading, Try This

Before you live your dream and invest in a homestead you should make sure you can handle one of the least popular chores.
A row of shotguns in a store

Media Portrays Gun Ownership as Dangerous

Owning lots of guns doesn’t make you more likely to kill any more than owning multiple cars makes you more likely to speed.