From COVID’s Perspective, California is the new New York

In the spring, densely populated New York was the epicenter of COVID-19. Now it has shifted to the other coast and Los Angeles is the new viralhot bed.

In the past week, global COVID-19 cases climbed to more than 90 million, an increase in excess of 5 million.  Almost 2 million have died around the world.

Also in the past week, on January 8, the U.S. saw more than 300,000 reported COVID-19 cases.  Domestically, U.S. cases are now in excess of 22.4 million with about 375,000 deaths. Of those, more than 12 percent, some 2.71 million, are in California.

To break this down on a state level, California broke the 50,000 per day mark last week and is averaging more than 42,000 per day.  That’s about twice as many cases as the entire country experienced back in April and May when the first wave of the virus was peaking. 

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August 25 Report: It’s been a Hell of a Week and its only Tuesday

Forest fires sweep across California, hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, COVID-19 outbreaks on college campuses and looting in Kenosha. It’s been a hell of a week.

I just spent five days at our new house and I came home to find that all hell is breaking loose across the country. We have no TV up there and I didn’t spend much time online, but here are a few things that occurred while we were gone:

Riots in Kenosha

More riots broke out, this time in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Complete with wanton destruction, looting, arson, etc.  Rocks and bottles were thrown at police, cars on auto dealer lots were smashed and burned, garbage trucks were set on fire, furniture stores were burned down, and windows were smashed.

You can forgive the local police for not being prepared for the flash riot sprang up after a police shooting but there’s really no excuse for being unprepared for the second day.

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August 18: California Blackouts One Sign of a Slow Slide

California is sliding slowly towards socialism and an inevitable collapse, thanks largely to self-imposed problems.

When we look at failed states, one of the many things we see is an inability to provide basic services and utilities to their populace.  I bring this up because California has been and is expected to continue to experience rolling blackouts as electrical consumption exceeds demand.  These blackouts generally last for two hours and are not related to fire danger, which is what resulted in lengthy mass-blackouts last year.

So does this mean California is a failed state?  Not yet, but it is certainly a sign that it is getting there. 

Anyone who takes a serious look at California can see that it is imploding, but what many miss is that the damage to its economy and way of life largely self-inflicted.

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Coronavirus Report July 14: Here We Go Again

As COVID cases climb to new heights, California implements tight new restrictions and multiple school districts will start the school year online only.

Back when the coronavirus was just starting to spread, we all hoped it would be over in two or three months.  The curve flattened, people went back to work, and things looked pretty rosy, until the other shoe dropped and we experienced a sudden reversal.  COVID10 is back, as are closures and stay-home orders.

The Director Geneal of the World health Organization says “it is going to get worse and worse and worse.” Now his track record is dubious at best, but we think he’s right on with this prediction.

California is really cracking down, closing all bars and non-essential business that operate indoors, including restaurants and movie theaters across the state in the hopes of slowing the spread.  The governor also closed salons, gyms, church and other worship services, and most offices and retailer establishments in 30 counties that serve 80 percent of the state’s population.

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